In our years of cruising, I don’t think I have ever blogged about cooking gas (propane or butane) on our boat. Propane/butane is a popular topic on many other cruising blogs, mostly when they neglect to fill the bottles and go in search of a refill. Its a problem that happens so often that there is a often discussions about… Read more →

Sandy Island Pig Roast

  (Yup, this post is really late.. I have been really lazy lately). Alright.. First things first… This post is going to a little different than the last pig roast posts. My last posts really focused on the pig and method of cooking. This post will be more about the people involved. The kids, the adults and the pure fun… Read more →

Pig Roast #3

WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig! YES AGAIN, FOR THE THIRD TIME! Alright.. I’m starting to think we may have a pig roast post every month! LOL…  Seriously though.. It might happen!… Read more →

Dental Emergency

One of the keys to being a good cruising parent is to know when a scream or cry is genuine. The other day when we heard a loud thud, followed by a scream and crying, we instantly new it was bad. In the moments it took all the kids to come from the front of the boat to the salon… Read more →