Our Latest Visitors

  No Party of Five didn’t fall off the face of the earth. We are still here, but have been silent lately. We had guests aboard for the last 2 weeks that asked us to go silent on the Internet as they didn’t want people to know they were not home. Unfortunately, they are having problems with crime in the… Read more →

Visitors–Final Days

  Our first visitors this season have now left and our boat is feeling a little lonely. On the upside, our boat won’t be lonely for too long as we welcome our second guests this season in 5 days. Rhonda, the kids and myself are pumped to have our first “non family” guests aboard and share our lifestyle with them… Read more →

Visitors–Day 8

  After our trip around Martinique in the van, we had planned a couple of days planned in St. Anne and the beaches south. Unfortunately most of those plans were dashed by a couple of very squally days. In between squalls, we were able to walk around St. Anne and show my parents the pretty little town. Unfortunately none of… Read more →

Visitors Day – 5

    We rented a Citroën Jumpy for the day. It’s a cool European minivan. It was very different than any minivan you would find in USA or Canada. It had a 2.0L turbo diesel mated to a 6 speed manual transmission.   It was pretty plainly equipped but had seating for 9.. Gloriously, it also had AC.    One… Read more →