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Back to Canada–Eh!

  I’ve had a few people contacting me inquiring about our Canada trip. They are not only wondering on the details but if this will be the end of our cruising life. So I thought I would create a post to answer the questions I have been asked!   First Question – Are you quitting cruising? NO we are not… Read more →


  Whoa… That’s a big topic for just one word!   As our season comes to an end, this is a topic I wanted to cover from OUR perspective! I bolded OUR for a reason. Through the years I had read posts, books, blogs and other literature detailing what “CRUISING” is. Everything from where to go, what anchor to use,… Read more →

The days dwindle!

  Its true.. Sadly the days left in this season are down to the last few.   We would love to spend the last week we have here in Antigua enjoying the beaches, sun and fun. Unfortunately the work required to put a boat to bed for hurricane season is HUGE.  Rhonda and I have been busting our asses every… Read more →

Travis’s Political Debut!

  Yup you actually read that correctly. Usually I stay well outside the political stage and keep my opinions silent. Personally I think there are too many people yelling political nonsense on Facebook these days. Trust me, this is not that. In this instance I felt I NEEDED to raise my voice to a real issue with such a simple… Read more →