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People–Yup, again!

Another post about people! Although this adventure is just beginning, it becoming more and more apparent that the things we see and the places we visit will pale in comparison to the people we meet. The generosity and kindness we have encountered so far is nothing short of astounding!   First I will mention Cindy again. This is the lady… Read more →

The Plan

  “What’s the plan?”, “When are you leaving Key West?”, “Where are you going next?”   These are all questions that I get asked almost daily from people either through e-mail, Facebook or text. Instead of answering them individually, I thought a post might be in order.   Why haven’t we left Key West yet? Well the answer is simple.… Read more →

Walk Through Video

Many of you have been asking for it, so here it is.. Yup a walk through video of Party of Five. We are still fixing things, making changes and adding items, but here is how she looks to date.   Enjoy and don’t hesitate to post questions if you have them. Read more →