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Broke, no more!

Fantastic news… We were able to solve our motor problems… and without ordering any parts. So here is the story. Ever since repairing my gauges (somewhere around Marathon), the port side motor has had low oil pressure. The oil pressure was between 14-16PSI on flat ocean and would bounce down to 10 or so when we got into big seas.… Read more →

People–Yup, again!

Another post about people! Although this adventure is just beginning, it becoming more and more apparent that the things we see and the places we visit will pale in comparison to the people we meet. The generosity and kindness we have encountered so far is nothing short of astounding!   First I will mention Cindy again. This is the lady… Read more →

Follow up – Jobs done

I have had a few people ask me “So, what work did you actually do”.  There is no way I could list all the jobs I completed as there were literally 100s  (maybe over 1000) small jobs. As you can imagine, many of the big jobs were comprised of 5-10 smaller jobs. So, here is a list of the top… Read more →