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Sacrifice.. I have spoke about this in other blog posts. Cruisers need to make huge sacrifices to pursue this lifestyle. Sometime those sacrifices make you ask “Is it worth it?”.   Today is one of those days for our family. Today we made an enormous sacrifice. Today we gave up the spark and voice of our household. The doorbell and… Read more →

The Deal

Back in Canada……. Once getting over the culture shock and “relearning” how to drive like a Canadian, I got down to business. The task ahead of me was overwhelming. I had to figure out if this Cuban Charter boat was worth the risk. The risk was substantial, as we only had the limited information and the media I gathered during… Read more →

New Years 2000

So I mentioned in a previous blog about a trip we took in 2000 where the the cruising seed was well and truly planted! As luck would have it, I stumbled upon the only pictures I have of that trip. I thought it would be fun to post them here!   These picture are from 1999/2000 and were taken with… Read more →

The Wife

I thought I would do a short post in response to some of the comments and questions I have received. Here are some examples. Where is your wife? Is she part of this? Does/did your wife share your dream? How come you say “My” or “I” and not “Ours” or “We”. These are great questions and looking back over my… Read more →