Author: travis

Dental Emergency

One of the keys to being a good cruising parent is to know when a scream or cry is genuine. The other day when we heard a loud thud, followed by a scream and crying, we instantly new it was bad. In the moments it took all the kids to come from the front of the boat to the salon… Read more →

Pig Roast #2

  WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig!   While the last cruiser pig roast was a smashing success, the “team leads” were already planning the next one. Dan on Sandstar literally ordered… Read more →

Fort Napoléon des Saintes

At this point in our cruising career, we have seen more than a few forts. However, old forts never get old for me. They are just something so alien and strange to me. This building was constructed when? Then I walk around in aww looking at buildings constructed before the first European ever came to the Edmonton area (city we… Read more →