Author: travis

Motor Games

Put 2 or more cruisers in a locked room and within 20 minutes the conversation will invariably switch to marine diesel motors. Really, with just 2 cruisers in a room, the odds that at least 1 of them is having some sort of an issue is going to be %100. Most of the time its not a serious issue, just… Read more →

Halloween in Grenada

  Our friends on the boat Space Between planned a kids Halloween party this year. Katie and John Michael were absolute super heros in making sure the kids had a fantastic Halloween this year. Even though it was almost 3 weeks ago, my kids are still talking about it.   Shortly after that party, we moved our boat around to… Read more →

Shake the Cobwebs!

  I’m going to start this post by saying that it has absolutely NOTHING to do with cruising or living on a sailboat. I was just looking for a story to help me shake the writing cobwebs. I won’t promise a good story, or even good writing, but I will promise that you will laugh at the overall story. If… Read more →


  Its not uncommon to hear people asking “What is the population of this island?” You might hear various answers, however no one is really confident in their answer. Its always “I think its x number of people”. Now after almost 3 years of running up and down these islands, I realized I was one of those people. I thought… Read more →