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The Wizniuk Family – Party of Five’s crew!



Travis Wizniuk (Captain)

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Travis was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on March 11, 1977. He was raised in the small suburb of Sherwood Park until his mid teens when they moved out of town to a small acreage in Ardrossan, AB. After high school he bounced around at some odd jobs before settling on his career path in the IT industry. Upon graduating, Travis moved to Calgary for a short time before coming back home to Edmonton.  He spent the next 15 years specializing in various IT technologies while he dreamed of sailing around the world. The IT profession provided him many opportunities to live vicariously through blogs as he waited for blue bars to move across the screen. Eventually the time came when it was either “put your money where your mouth is” or spend the rest of his life wondering. So after discussion with Rhonda and kids, he promptly began the search for a cruising boat. Shortly thereafter, he put an offer on a beat up catamaran in Cuba and this whole adventure began!


Rhonda Wizniuk (First Mate)

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Rhonda was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on July 2, 1975. She was raised on the north side of Edmonton where she lived until her early 20s. Rhonda worked for EECOL electric for over 10 years before moving on an accepting a job with Lafarge Construction. During her tenure at Larfage, Rhonda was exposed to many new roles and responsibilities that helped shape her adventurous side.  Although she was initially apprehensive about this adventure, she readily agreed that their “Normal” life needed some shaking up! Rhonda’s initial exposure to the cruising lifestyle happened during their delivery trip from Centrifuges Cuba to Isla Mujeres Mexico. That trip captivated her with the beauty of the cruising lifestyle. The rest is history.


Quincy Wizniuk (Fisherman)

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Quincy was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on April 21, 2007. Quincy’s first exposure to sailing was when the family bought a small sailboat to practice with on a local lake. Quincy was more interested in fishing than sailing the boat, and this remains true today. As the oldest member of the “kid crew” Quincy got to accompany Travis to Mexico and deliver the boat to Key West. This trip provided Quincy with many firsts. First time on an airplane, first time in another country that speaks a foreign language, first time seeing the ocean, first time seeing a beach and the first time he had to sit night watch.


Jonah Wizniuk (Prop Diver)

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Jonah was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on December 14, 2008. Just like the other kids, Jonah’s first experience with sailing was the small sailboat on lake Wabamun. Jonah was most interested in swimming off the ladder and playing in the water. This has also proved true in his new sea life as Jonah is usually the first one in the water. Although Jonah loves swimming and water play, he is not a fan of ocean animals. Unfortunately, this means that Jonah sometimes has to sit out of swimming if an ocean creature is spotted (even rays).


Danphnie Wizniuk (Boat Princess)

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Daphnie was born in Edmonton, Alberta Canada on October 3, 2010. It is very apparent that Daphnie was made for ocean life. Even back on the small boat in Alberta Daphnie was completely at home. Its not uncommon for people to comment that she must have been born on the boat after seeing her ride in the dinghy or sit at the captain’s seat. She is a complete natural when it comes to the cruising lifestyle. She looks like a princess riding her chariot!