Gray Matter


Before becoming obsessed with cruising I really had no idea about boats or their capabilities. As I read and researched it became clear that almost all the small boats crossing oceans were sailboats. You see, oceans are really huge things and building a boat with the capabilities to withstand the forces of the ocean and have the range to actually cross one presents some challenges. Sailboats essentially have unlimited range as long as the wind blows. However, motor boats have to be carefully engineered and built to get that kind of range. In fact there is really only a couple of manufacturers that build motor boats with this capability (that AREN’T superyachts). Nordhavn is one of those manufacturers (arguably the best). For those nerdy numbers kind of people, here are some specs about Gray Matter and some pictures to enjoy.

P.S. Sorry for any typos or grammar issues. I’m trying to post this quickly as we pass St. Croix.



Range: 3500 Nautical Miles

LOA: 66ft (20.11m)

Beam: 20’ 4” (6.25m)

Draft: 6’ 6” (2m)

Displacement: 80 tons (72574.8kg)

Fuel Capacity: 3300 Gallons (12492L)

Main Engine: 400HP 6 Cylinder 12L Detroit Diesel

Aux Engine: 250HP Northern Lights Lugger.

Generators: 1 x 16KW and 1 x 25KW (Northern Lights)

Batteries: 2400Ah @ 24V (Victron LiFePO4)

Alternators: 2 X 250A @ 24V or 12000 watts (Hydraulic driven)


Water Making: 70 Gallons/Hour (265L/Hour)

Water Storage: 2 x 500 Gallon Tanks (3785L Total)

Grey Water: 150 Gallon (568L)

Black Water: 150 Gallon (568L)










250LB Ultra Anchor











Pilot House


Night time is cool. Feels like an airplane with everything lit up.


The pilot house is equipped with an “off watch” berth. The boys will spent a ton of time up there in the next 10 days.


Boys being boys.


Stairwell from the pilot house down to the 2 front cabins.




The stairs at the right are up to the pilot house. More to the right and out of the shot are stairs that go down to the master berth, then spiral around down to the crew berth and engine room.







I had to work hard but got a shot of the boys playing games in the Salon.




GUEST CABIN (Yes, the room I stayed in)

On the other side of the wall to the right is Dexter’s room. It has 2 bunk beds and a desk area. Both this cabin and Dexter’s cabin share the head as it has 2 doors, one leading to each.







Yup, a real shower. Its one of three on this boat.



Crew Cabin

To the immediate right of this picture is the master cabin. These are the stairs I mentioned earlier that lead to the crew cabin and engine room.



There are 2 bunk beds in that room, but they are hard to see as Katie spent a week provisioning and filling that room.



Engine/Electrical Rooms

I would have bought this boat just for that door. It feels like you are on a submarine when you open and close it.




The engine in the foreground is the main 400HP Detroit diesel. The smaller engine on the left in the background is the 250HP auxiliary engine (called the “Wing Engine”). The wing engine is capable of running all the essential items and moving the boat at just a slightly reduced speed. Its completely independent with its own transmission, prop shaft and propeller.



Ya, there is even a small workshop area in the engine room, complete with a sink.



The 2 Northern Lights generators. You can also see the watermaker membranes in this picture. Engine5


There is a whole shitton of Victron LiFePO4 batteries you can just see. 2400Ah @ 24V. I don’t think there is a cable smaller than 0000 in this picture.



Looking the other way in the utility room is the AC units and the dive compressor.



Bonus Pictures

I thought I would post some bonus safety pictures after we got underway. Anyone who knows Katie will smile at these pictures. (LOL.. There is a turkey in that cooler)







Medical kit and ditch bag.My life jacket is on top with a tether so I can “clip in” when I go on the back deck to tend the fishing reels.


  7 comments for “Gray Matter

  1. Ryan Wizniuk
    November 21, 2019 at 7:14 am

    That is a pretty nice boat. What is the max speed? What is the year? What is the cost? Any fish pics?

    • travis
      November 21, 2019 at 7:27 am

      Her max speed is about 9 knots, but we cruise mostly between 7.5 and 8.. She was built in 2009, but JM and Katie did a refit this year.. I don’t know the cost. A good rough guess is around 2 mil with the features she has.

      Fishing pics will be coming in another post.. We landed a fantastic 6ft Sailfish on our 3 day out. Took both of us to reel it in.

  2. Rose Lynn
    November 21, 2019 at 7:27 am

    What a beautiful boat.

  3. Lynn
    November 21, 2019 at 7:50 am

    Looks like a great trip . Wonderful refit! I’m somewhat astounded at the 350lb anchor on an 80t boat.

    • travis
      November 23, 2019 at 6:16 pm

      I will update my post.. Its actually a 250lb anchor, not 350.. Sorry, my typo…

  4. Eric
    November 21, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Original cost was approx $3 mil. She will run 10+ kts but over 8 kts it’s like flushing the toilet for fuel use. Longest passage we did was 3000 nm from Puerto Vallarta to Marquesas. 16 days.


    • travis
      November 23, 2019 at 6:14 pm

      Eric… Thanks so much for posting.. Its awesome to hear from the original owner who commissioned her, outfitted her and moved her so many miles! She is an amazing boat and won my heart on this trip!

      We never pushed the boat, so I had no idea she could do 10 knots (+). We had “once in a lifetime” weather window on this trip and never pushed her past 8.5 knots. It was truly glassy seas the whole way so we kept her just chugging!

      I will be sure to show Katie and JM your post.

      Again… Thanks so much for posting!

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