A trip!

Sigh, its been way too long since I wrote a blog post. This is our third hurricane season in Grenada and its pretty much the same as the other seasons so I struggle with inspiration. Home school and boat chores in the morning, the playing in the afternoon/evening. Oh, I almost forgot… and a TON OF SWEATING! There have been a few breaks in the monotony. Like when I helped our friends on Mimzi install new acrylic windows in their boat. Or when I helped our other friends on Britican install new LiFePO4 batteries (they did a Youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axM5v7T3oU0). I really should have wrote blog posts for both of those, but I just couldn’t get my lazy butt in gear. However, I now have a big announcement that has lit a fire under my arse! Quincy and I are currently headed back to the USA for a super cool adventure.

Alright, time for some explaining. In the past, I have mentioned our friends Katie, John Michael and Dexter on the boat Space Between. We spent a ton of time with them the last season and cruised up and down the island chain together. However, at the end of this last cruising season, Space Between and Party of Five went different ways. While Party of Five headed south to Grenada, the Space Between crew turned north and headed to Florida. Although we were sad to see them go, we were super exited for them. They had bought a new boat (new to them) and it was waiting for them there.  It wasn’t just a new boat… It was a motor yacht. A true “go anywhere, world cruiser” trawler built by Nordhavn.

Even though they were in Florida and we were down in Grenada, we still kept in touch and spoke on an almost weekly basis. We missed them greatly and I think they missed hanging out with their cruising friends. Over the hurricane season they put in a herculean effort to make the new boat exactly as they wanted. While I’m sure most of the work was stressful and tiring for them, we loved hearing about all the things they were doing. Changing out the battery system, updating the charging sources, servicing the various systems, changing the decor, renaming the boat, ect, ect.

Now I’m sure the astute readers have now put two and two together and know what I’m going to say next. YES, they invited Quincy and I to come up to Florida and help them bring the newly named Gray Matter down to the Caribbean. As you can imagine, both of us are beyond excited for this adventure. Gray Matter is like no other boat we have ever been on and we are ecstatic for the experience. On top of that, we will get to experience all the incredible waters between Florida and the Caribbean again… and this time we know how to fish Winking smile

So anyway.. Watch for new blog posts detailing our trip…and yes I promise there will be pictures.


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