Month: November 2019

A Jerk in the Night!

While we had a fantastic trip down to Grenada, it was not without an “incident”. Any cruiser will tell you that when stuff goes wrong, it usually goes wrong in the middle of the night when you least expect it. This was no exception on our trip. We probably jinxed ourselves by talking about how smooth things were going. We… Read more →

Gray Matter

  Before becoming obsessed with cruising I really had no idea about boats or their capabilities. As I read and researched it became clear that almost all the small boats crossing oceans were sailboats. You see, oceans are really huge things and building a boat with the capabilities to withstand the forces of the ocean and have the range to… Read more →

A trip!

Sigh, its been way too long since I wrote a blog post. This is our third hurricane season in Grenada and its pretty much the same as the other seasons so I struggle with inspiration. Home school and boat chores in the morning, the playing in the afternoon/evening. Oh, I almost forgot… and a TON OF SWEATING! There have been… Read more →