Pig Roast #3

WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig! YES AGAIN, FOR THE THIRD TIME!

Alright.. I’m starting to think we may have a pig roast post every month! LOL…  Seriously though.. It might happen!

Just like our last pig roast, Dan on Sandstar was planning the next one as we were pulling that pig from his pig box! Locations were suggested and bandied about. Of course, everyone wanted to attend and that affected dates and locations. However, with the nomadic nature of cruising it was just not possible to include everyone and a solid decision needed to be made. After some solid beer talk, it was decided that the next location would be Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines! The date would depend on weather and how good the fishing was between Martinique and there. Winking smile 

Everyone on Party of Five was absolutely pumped as Bequia is VERY high on our list of loved islands. Not only is it one of our favorites, but its definitely one of the prettiest islands in the chain. Stunningly clear water, turtles popping up randomly, flowers floating through the bay, the perfect sand beaches, shady trees. Frankly, I couldn’t think of a better location to cook some pig!

So with the location picked, we just needed to get there! There are only 2 islands between Martinique and Bequia (about 100 nautical miles). Party of Five had to remain diligent to ensure we didn’t get “sticky anchor” syndrome! However we made it with plenty of time to spare and the planning began. Although I had planned to talk with our friend Andy to see he could secure a pig, I didn’t have too. Dan had a pig secured the day after arrival by 7AM. I have no idea how he was able to do that. Hell I was still in bed in my underwear. So with the pig secured, I moved onto researching a Mojo recipe that we could inject the pig with. I watched videos, read recipes, checked for availability of ingredients, then eventually settled on a recipe that would work. I mean, how could you go wrong with 40 cloves of garlic in a liter of sauce (that is not an exaggeration)!

(Now a small aside… All the dogs you see in these pictures belong to no one. They are Bequia beach dogs that decided our beach spot was a pretty cool place to hang out for the day. For stray dogs, they are insanely well behaved. They never begged for food once and just seemed content to hang around people. )

The injection.. This happened the afternoon before the actual roast! (Ya ya, I know I’m sweating.. Its summer now and hot AF).


Pig in the box by 9:30am.. All the stuff on the pig is what was used to make the Mojo sauce (you strain it out before injecting). Its onions, garlic, bay leaves and limes (and some trade secrets).


Fire lit.. Now its time for intense box staring! (actually the little white thing in the sand is the thermometer, aiming for 250F in the box at pig level).


The box has a little “Character kiss” from our last roast. Totally our fault.


The view didn’t suck!


We took over an abandoned beach “bar”. It was closed for the off season, but will reopen after hurricane season!



Kevin on Serendipity had an idea to try and make some home potato chips. Here we are testing to see if the oil will actually get hot enough on the coals.


Why not use some of those BTUs to make baked potatoes too!


Very serious pig cooking discussions were had!


It was decided that it was time for a peak


Our hearts fell when we looked in.. I think we burned the shit out of it.


Since we thought it was burnt, we decided careful heat management could salvage it.


The potato chips were excellent though!


Once it was time to flip the pig, we had a closer look. Nope we didn’t burn it. Turns out the “fixings” we threw on the inside were full of sugar from their Mojo soak. That sugar burnt a little bit, but those bits fell off when we flipped it. The pig meat was perfect. Time to make some “cracklins”.


A good healthy rub of Adobe seasoning. You see that juice in the bottom of the box! There were more than a few cruisers that dipped bread into it. I think my dad and brother would have been right there with them!


We put the fire back on for about 20 min, but kept checking every 5 min or so. Here is the final check to ensure we got the skin where we wanted it.


I’m not kidding… The pig went so fast that I didn’t get any other completed shots of it cooked. This was all that was left 20 minutes after it came out of the box!


With dinner over, the kids gathered up to do some kid things!


Us adults sat back in a meat coma and tried to pour some beer on top!



Of course it was also time to “sign the box”.


The box is gathering a whole ton of signatures… I still have no idea who POV is!


Alright… If you have made it this far and are still reading, then I have an offer for you. Remember when I said “Frankly, I couldn’t think of a better location to cook some pig!”? Well it turns out I may have been wrong. We have selected the location for the next pig roast and I think it will top this one.

So here is the offer..  I invite you to come. No I’m not kidding. The next pig roast will be July 20th in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. All you have to do is book a flight to Grenada. From there you will take a short ferry ride and we will pick you up on POF! You can stay on our boat and not only enjoy a pig roast, but some adventure in some of the prettiest places we have been! We have room for a couple of people. Just ping me on Facebook and we will make it happen!

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