Pig Roast #2


WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig!


While the last cruiser pig roast was a smashing success, the “team leads” were already planning the next one. Dan on Sandstar literally ordered the next pig cooking device the day after that party. James on Sophie was already planning the next pig procurement location.  Shortly after, it was agreed that James’s birthday seemed like a suitable reason to have another “pig party” (since then we all agreed we don’t need a reason).  Everyone discussed, and originally Bequia was suggested as the perfect location. However, after some more discussion it was decided that Bequia was too far down the island chain and St. Anne Martinique would be more suitable. A general invite was floated on Facebook with all the boats and whoever could make it was welcome. Sounded grand to the Party of Five crew as it would mean coming home AND having a party!


So again, Dan (Sandstar), Kathy (Sandstar<—Really a super rockstar as she got %90 of the gear), James (Sophie) and Jenna (Sophie) were absolute rockstars and got all the details pulled together for the big day! What an awesome day it was.


The day started pretty early as the pig was to be ready for a 3PM eating time. The “La Caja China” (Pronounced “La Caha Cheena”), was preheated and had the pig loaded by 10:30am. The next few pictures will be of the “Pig Box” as I know there will be more than a few people interested in what it looks like!







The birthday boy made sure he stayed hydrated in the hot Caribbean sun!



As us boys were out “watching the pig box”, not everyone else was idle. Rhonda had actually started “project perogy” the day before. Here she is filling and pinching!



Bacon is not really a thing down here in the French islands, so we had to make do with lardons. LOL, I think perogies are actually better with lardons (its just really thick cut bacon chunks).



The picnic area in Caritan beach is so lovely (this is one of about 20 areas). There are giant tall trees that offer shade, however just 20 feet to my right is a stunning beach.  Here, people have begun to arrive.



Another angle as people begin to settle in!



The beach I was talking about. Sigh.. There is a day I’m really going to miss St. Anne, Martinique.



The perogies have arrived and there was no way we could keep the “tasters” at bay! Dough, potatoes, cheese, lardons, cream and dill.. Ya, is there anything better… Oh wait, there is.. My FANTASTIC wife made me a tray of cottage cheese ones. Understand this is a big thing down here. They don’t sell “dry cottage cheese” or even regular cottage cheese here… No no, she found cottage cheese in Antigua, put it in our freezer, carried it 2 islands south.. Then  had to use cheese cloth and make her own dry cottage cheese!



Oh the first peak at little piggy! (actually, we have already flipped it but I was part of that process and couldn’t hold the camera). There is ABSOLUTELY no peaking before the pig is flipped (its the #1 reason why pig box cooking fails)



Piggy is done.. Heat is removed and it was left to rest for a short period!



Now, that is one amazing done pig. No that is not burnt, its the most yummy “cracklins” you have ever eaten.



Oh yes, I ate a whole bunch of that jowl meat.



Alright.. A couple of quick pics to show “the mess”.. Its almost all contained in that bottom drip tray. Dan sprayed some degreaser in that tray and then washed it off in the ocean. Fat cleanup was literally like 10 min of work.



Another angle.. Now an error was made here. You are not supposed to put the hot coal tray on the holder without dumping out the hot coals. We left a little love scar on the outside of the box.



Oooh La La!

  2 comments for “Pig Roast #2

  1. Georgette Drolet
    June 9, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    That pig looks so good, I could eat it with my eyes. lol. Rhonda I miss your perogies, you getting really proffesional with them. They look delicious and you are so energetic.

    • travis
      June 9, 2019 at 3:48 pm

      Auntie.. It really was the best pig I have eaten at a pig roast. Them damn Cubans know how to cook a pig properly.

      There are better pics of Rhonda Perogies in my Facebook. Swimming in dill and cream sauce.. Oh baby they were good.

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