Month: May 2019

Fort Napoléon des Saintes

At this point in our cruising career, we have seen more than a few forts. However, old forts never get old for me. They are just something so alien and strange to me. This building was constructed when? Then I walk around in aww looking at buildings constructed before the first European ever came to the Edmonton area (city we… Read more →

The Great Turn!

As many of you know, cruising is all about weather. While local short range weather dictates our cruising plans in the short term, long term weather is what forces our hand. Of course down here in the Eastern Caribbean, that long term weather is hurricane season. If we want to have the highest probability of not encountering a hurricane, then… Read more →

Antigua–Pig Roast!

  WARNING.. This post involves meat eating and the details that go with it. If that makes you uncomfortable or offended you should skip this whole post. There are graphic pictures of a roasting pig! Last season we said a bunch of “See Ya Later’s” to many friends we had made. Life is always throwing curveballs and although us cruisers… Read more →


  HAH…. Made ya look!   No, Party of Five is not for sale (sorry mom). However, my longtime readers will recognize the boat that is. Our friend Kendra has decided that its time to end the salty adventure and find something new to do, so Sea Frog is now for sale! This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to… Read more →