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We have been thoroughly enjoying Antigua and doing a VERY slow movement around the island. We started by escorting our friends on Clarity over to Falmouth so they could get more quotes (Clarity was dismasted, details in Megan’s posts here). Once dropping them off at Falmouth, we continued the pound around to Mamora Bay where we enjoyed the St. James club for a few days (too much fun, I forgot pictures). After that, we ditched on Nonsuch bay and headed back west to English Harbour. Its crazy but we have spent like 11 days here (mostly fending off other boats as its a crazy bay). We love English as you can dinghy to all the big attractions (Nelson’s dockyard, Shirley Heights, Fort walk, ect).


We did the Shirley Heights walk one day. Its a whole lot of vertical and someone replaced Travis with a fat old man. Lets just say it was a lot of huffing and puffing before we reached the top.  Here is the classic picture of English and Falmouth harbours.



A different angle.



Party of Five in the middle. Space Between is the colorful catamaran up front. Here you can see what I mean about fending off boats. That little boat by Space Between should be further back but has sailed forward on the currents close in.



Here was our picnic spot for the evening. We choose a spot that was away from the hustle and bustle. Directly behind me is about 150 people jammed into a square all listening to the steel pan band. They have a very good BBQ at the top that is one of the most reasonably priced tourist things we have done ($25EC for a burger and fries)!



If you zoom  in on this picture you can see Nonsuch Bay and all the way to North Sound at the north of the island.



People have suggested I should post a proof of life picture as Rhonda is never in our pictures.



Thought this was a cool picture. Someone is doing a controlled burn right in front of the setting sun!



Our camera takes very poor night pictures but I just had to post this. English Harbour with all the masts lit up. All those masts with multiple lights are all over 100ft tall (ya, there is quite literally billions of dollars in boats there). It was also at this point I realized we would need to make a descending hike through the jungle in the dark! It was actually easier than I thought and quite fun!



Sunday = Funday! It dawned a beautiful day.



Quincy perfecting his “Bitch Wings” as the catamaran beside us drops anchor. Later, he swung close enough that we could literally pass drinks between our boat and his (the day before we had multiple kisses from the monohull that was anchored there).



People have begun arriving at Kraken for afternoon-evening “Funday”.



In Cheryl’s words (owner of Kraken)… It was a “Rad” party. While I think the word “Rad” is officially reserved for BMX bike tricks, I do agree is was a hell of a shaker. Things are just getting started in this picture but the party lasted well into the night and included such antics as diving off the top of the boat in the dark, landing in the ocean filled with circling Tarpon. I can tell you, that even though everyone knows Tarpon are harmless, there is some pucker factor swimming with 3.5ft fish!


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  1. Judy Wizniuk
    April 9, 2019 at 8:24 am

    Beautiful Pictures…..made me happy and sad all at once. I was so hoping we would be coming to meet you in Antigua….hopefully sometime in the future.

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