Barbuda IRMA Resort–(Picture Heavy)

Here is the post a few of you have been waiting for. The destruction pictures of the resort I promised. First off you need to understand that this resort is on a very small part of Barbuda and not near the actual town. We didn’t actually go into the town, but the destruction was very similar. I think the last number I heard was %90 off all buildings on Barbuda were either damaged or destroyed!

Alright, we will start this post off with “Before” pictures. I scoured the internet to find these pictures as my sorry ass could not have afforded to go to this resort before the destruction. Unfortunately, I cannot control picture quality on the internet and the resolution on some images is less than desired. Please keep the complaining to a dull roar!


The resort sat on the thin string of beach that separated the Caribbean sea and the inner lagoon. If you zoom in, you may see the main town of Codrington in the background.
















The eye of IRMA passed directly over Barbuda. It was reported that Barbuda had sustained winds just shy of 200mph. To help put this into perspective, imagine loading your house on a trailer and having something tow it at 200mph for a couple of hours. How much of your house would be left at the end of that trip?

Now with that being said, most of the damage you are about to see is from waves. As the eye of the hurricane passed over the island the wind switched direction and created giant seas that battered this resort for hours! Even concrete and steel can’t take that kind of punishment!

I don’t think I could fix it…. But I probably could make a really short ladder!


Would love to know what company did the roof. Whoever it was needs to put this picture on their business card! Yes, we broke the law by ignoring the sign. However we tried to be very respectful and not disturb anything or go into the parts that would be dangerous. We left everything exactly as we found it!


It was at this point that Rhonda and I are really taking in the magnitude of destruction. Those chunks of missing walls are cinder blocks, but they were full of rebar and concrete.



If you zoom in close you will see that yes, there are still office chairs and other items in that room. We actually looked in the window at the back and there are tote bins full of computers, keyboards and monitors (presumably water logged). Oh, ya, that is a walk-in freezer right in front!




Well, at least this cooler stayed in place! On the upside, all the food is gone so there was no stink!


Go ahead and scroll back up to count the palms.. This is all that was left. However, the jungle is doing a hell of a job of taking the beach back!


Its crazy, but looking inside the main part of the hotel it almost looks like nothing happened! If you look to the left of the picture you will see a makeshift ladder someone constructed to get to the second floor as all the staircases no longer exist.


Again, if you scroll back up you may be able to pick out this walkway (hint it used to have that white railing along it). It seems that this spot is where the waves deposited all the destroyed parts. Maybe just the way the waves washed back and got caught here.


I found it strangely surreal that you can see the same bed in the before pictures. Now, here it sits, moved to the other side but the frame is literally unharmed. The pool wasn’t so lucky!


Still a pretty view! I haven’t commented on the bar to the right yet.. Yup, the entire first level collapsed.


Looks closely at the tiles. Yes, tiles were actually lifted off the concrete. Not sure if it was wind or waves (most likely waves).


All the boards that are bolted over the windows were done by the maintenance team before the storm. No one ever bothered to come back and remove them as there was really no point! No idea if anyone actually remained during the storm, but if so, I’m sure they had a puckering starfish!


Another view of the pool and destroyed bar! I have no idea where the whole first floor went. I suspect a bunch may be the concrete debris I showed in the picture above.


Its interesting to look at this picture and then look at the before picture.  So many differences!


There is some signs of life still here. The excavator to the right and generator in the middle (with the big red tank sitting in front) have been used very recently.  That big black tank is full of water and has a hose and pump attached running off somewhere. There is a person (caretaker) living in one of the buildings. He/She doesn’t seem to be doing any upgrades or repairs though.


These were two of the more high end rooms. Based on the destruction it looks like these rooms took more waves than the rest. There are also 2 generator buildings behind me that were completely leveled (nothing to really take pictures of).


I don’t think that couch was load rated for that!


The round room out front is the top end room at this resort.


It was a nice shower (again, look at the before pics)!


Same bathtub from the picture above!


The sun really bleached the black out of that couch. Its the same couch from the premium room picture above. Between the above picture and before IRMA they added the TV in the foreground. The couch and round table are exactly the same!



No idea what this building actually was. Just these 2 concrete rails left in the sand with a few drain pipes sticking out! My gut feeling is that this was a fish cleaning station. It was most likely made out of just wood and tin walls.


The beach is littered with garbage. Some of it was obviously gone through by scavengers.




  6 comments for “Barbuda IRMA Resort–(Picture Heavy)

  1. Colleen Gettman
    March 22, 2019 at 10:41 pm

    Leaves us the impact of how IRMA made a beautiful isolated property totally destructed! Thanks for your input!

  2. Judy Ross
    March 23, 2019 at 8:34 am

    Thank you for sharing this

    • travis
      March 23, 2019 at 2:20 pm

      No worries.. We will go back in a couple of weeks and I will take some more photos.

  3. Georgette Drolet
    March 23, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Wow, very interesting. Doesn’t anybody clean up after the storms? So much destruction.

    • travis
      March 23, 2019 at 2:18 pm

      The real question is “Who would clean up?”. The local governments don’t have the resources or ability. Before IRMA there was about 2600 on the entire island of Barbuda. Now there is about 1/2 that.

      The owners of that resort are probably still waiting for the insurance company to make a settlement. Even then, I’m guessing they will walk away and just let the buildings rot. That is a pretty common thing down here.

      • Georgette Drolet
        March 23, 2019 at 6:03 pm

        Wow, that is too bad, a beautiful paradice, you would think the government would be proud to look after their land but I guess they don’t have any money.

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