As my late great mate used to pronounce it “Bare”-“Booda”.. Miss ya Bobby!

Alright, for those hoping for IRMA destruction pictures.. Sorry for the disappointment. I know I promised it, but as I was going through the pictures I realized I needed to show the beauty of Barbuda before showing those. I’m sorry, but you are free to skip this post and wait for the next one. I %100 promise to post the those pictures next (with my bullshit narrative)!

Damn.. What can you say about Barbuda other than BEAUTIFUL. It really is the island you envision when you are sitting in a cube farm and planning your getaway. Its what you think all the Caribbean islands will look like. Endless sand beaches (in this case pink) and almost no other boats. Unfortunately that is just not true and Barbuda is a Woolly Mammoth in a land of Elephants, the last of her kind. Really, the last of the old Caribbean! A place where commercialism has not wrapped a headlock around! So let me describe Barbuda in a word and then let the pictures tell the story…. Idyllic!

I really don’t think there is a better picture to show Barbuda. This is Barbuda.. This beach is 12 miles long and I’m in the middle (6 miles behind me that is charted, and 6 miles ahead of me that is uncharted). All those boats came as a group. Usually there would be 1 or 2 here.


It depends on the angle of the sun, but the beaches are PINK.. Pink beaches with aqua green waters makes for beauty that almost hurts the eyes.


On shore things are still recovering from IRMA. Just grasses and scrub brush! On the upside, there is tons of wood for beach fires and we had a fire every night we were here!


If you look at google maps you will see that Barbuda has a HUGE beach that separates a big lagoon from the main town of Codrington.  In the days before IRMA, the town was almost accessible as you needed to drag your dinghy across the beach, then make your way across the lagoon (our dinghy weighs about 150lbs and the beach is 150 yards wide). IRMA changed all that and there are now 2 giant holes blown through the beach (pics in the next post).  Here is the main town about 2 miles away!


We spent hours in our dinghy, but we just could not find a reason to head into town. We had enough food and the beaches/water called us every day! (Yes, mom.. I ruined this shirt with Epoxy! Sorry)


Our good friends on Space Between! Usually we are anchored right next to each other, but here we spread out. I have to say, this might be the prettiest picture of Space Between I have seen!


Every day consisted of school in the morning and then fun in the afternoon. This is the first time that Jonah wanted to sail the Opti since Grenada. He could not have picked a more perfect day as the winds were 12knots and a perfect angle.


Jonah spent almost the whole day in the Opti, taking other kids sailing. I didn’t know the Opti could actually tow other boats, but apparently it can. Pretty sure my overbuilding with fiberglass was helpful in this situation! (Yes that is POF to the right). This picture.. right here.. Sums up almost a perfect day down here!


A little preview of some upcoming photos! Here I have spotted Sara Conner but I’m giving her a few minutes head start!
(Screw you.. Why can’t terminators be fat?)
P.S. The stick is required as the pet dogs have become feral since IRMA and you must have a way to defend yourself!


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  1. Judy Wizniuk
    March 22, 2019 at 2:03 am

    What? Another shirt ruined…LOL. Beautiful place. Great pictures. Thanks for the post. One day I hope to visit there.

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