An Amazing Boat!


As you can imagine running around Caribbean on a sailboat carries certain “perks”. One of those “perks” is getting to see many of the worlds “Superyachts” up close and personal! We have seen pretty much all the worlds top ones (both in size and cost). Its not an exaggeration to say that most of those boats are really just a cruise ship for a single person (or family). Shockingly huge and amazing.


After seeing all those boats, I was pretty sure I couldn’t be shocked anymore. However, today, I was literally struck speechless. We dropped into the lee of Antigua after a stunning sail back from Barbuda when a strange grey hunk appeared on the horizon. As the distance closed, I got out the binoculars and almost shit myself. I quickly confirmed my suspicions with our chartplotter by checking the AIS signature. Sure as the day, there sat “SY A” (stands for Sailing Yacht A). The undisputed largest sailing boat in the world.


Now I could write paragraphs about this boat, but I would be wasting my time. Many others have already detailed her specs and features so I will just leave a link if you are interested. Instead I will just post some pictures that I snapped as we sailed closer than 100M of her! (took tons of photos, but these were all we could upload here).


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Certainly true for SY A. Rhonda hated it. I appreciated its strangeness and unique utilitarian lines.



Its really hard to show scale in pictures of things on the ocean. This is an unzoomed picture with Daph in the foreground. Still, you can’t really fathom how large this boat is. So here is some quick stats.

She is 12 times longer than Party of Five

Her width is still DOUBLE the length of Party of Five.

Her masts are 32 stories high off off the water. No, I’m not kidding. Next time you are in a downtown, look at a 32 story building.



No bullshit, she has 24 doors in her hull that can be opened for various reasons. Some are garages for tenders or toys. Others are just small observation platforms. One contains an entire patio (with furniture) that can be deployed for morning tea or sundowners.

However, the real kicker.. One contains and actual no bullshit submarine.. Ya, you know a superyacht is badass when it can deploy it own submarine. I can think of no better way to say “I have fuck you amounts of money”!



I would usually give a big ship like this a wide berth, but I just couldn’t resist. I went as close I dared (not we also had full sail up at this point). My best guess is we were about 75 yards from the boat. Close enough we could see the bow bulb bouncing out the water.



Oh, there is the patio.. and the “Fancy Tender”. Shortly after this picture was taken we passed a sexy carbon fiber jet boat. Turns out that is the “owners tender” and he was coming back from town! I would have invited him over for sundowners but I don’t think he would have heard us while moving at 52 knots!



If you made it all the way to the bottom and are reading this.. Stay tuned for a post about Barbuda. It might be one of our favorite islands we have ever visited. The pictures include a walkthrough of a 5 star resort destroyed by IRMA. Ever wondered what 200mph winds can do… I will show you!

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