The Bat Cave!


There is a  waterfall in Martinique that we have tried to find 3 different times and always failed. We were never really that chuffed at not finding it since we still had a great hike through the rain forest. However, if you know me, you will know that I don’t like not accomplishing something. So with our guests arriving in Martinique and looking for cool things to do, I put the Fontaine Didier waterfall to the top of our list. This time, I took the time on Google to figure out the exact trailhead and I was determined to find it.

The cool thing about the Didier waterfalls is they are located just on the edge of the big city of Fort De France. The trip starts out with a cool drive through the city.


Lowell and I had fun spotting all the different car models and trying to figure out the brands. Being part of the EU, Martinique has a ton of car brands. Renault, Peugeot, Dacia, DS, Scoda, ect. Stuff we are completely unfamiliar with in Canada or the USA.


Well its not called a “Rain Forrest” for nothing. Yay, the trail will be nice and muddy. Lowell had to take cover in the back as we had to park so close to the side you couldn’t open the passenger door. LOL, yes Jonah was cold and fully dressed up.


After a short climb down into the valley we were presented with this muddy run down bridge. There is a 3 story straight fall to the each side (where the concrete ends and you see plants growing)


After a short climb up the backside of the valley the trail ends at this tunnel. Its about 200M long with no lighting and only 2ft diameter pipe to walk on. You would not want to attempt this without a flashlight. The pipes are slippery and have big clamp joints to trip on every 3M or so. I was disappointed we didn’t see any tarantulas that are reported to live on that stone entrance.


Alright.. In we go.. Here you can see the pipes I was talking about.. Oh I forgot to mention that 1/2 way through the tunnel lives a colony of bats that swoop and screech at you while you pass! Dark, spiders, claustrophobia and bats. Can you guess why many people turn around.


Once through the tunnel its only 10 more minutes to the first waterfall. While its small, its quite pretty and the surroundings are amazing. The water was WAY too cold for my sorry ass!


Jonah was working on convincing Theresa to get in the water!


Theresa did eventually get in the water but enjoyed taking pictures of Jonah hamming it up!


Theresa also took a great pic of the Party of Five crew. The waterfall is behind her and we are enjoying its view!


After some discussion we decided to press on to the second waterfall. It was not for the faint of heart as we would need to climb vertically out of the valley about 3 stories. The climb was straight up a muddy bank holding onto roots and the occasional climbing rope. After climbing up, we would need to wade upstream 45 minutes through the river. We decided we could handle it after we saw a Swede climb down with a 2 year old strapped to his back. I just want to say, them goddamn Swedes are tough. I have no idea how he did that with a kid on his back.


We made the 10M climb and are wading through a shallow part of the river. Its depth and speed changed depending on the land features. Mostly it was about 50M wide, but narrowed in spots to 10M!


There it is.. Unfortunately, there is just no scale in pictures. The second waterfall was about 15-16M high and very spectacular. You would not want to be in the pool under it as the last drop is like 7M and the water is VERY powerful.


So what did you do with your Tuesday? Me, I climbed down a rain forest canyon, walked though a old tunnel, discovered 2 fantastic waters and finally had a picnic. These are the days I can’t imagine ever stopping cruising!


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