St. Lucia

Well, its not been very long since my last post Winking smile. It occurred to me that we haven’t written a post about St. Lucia since my parents were here. That post was more about our time with them instead of talking about St. Lucia. I thought it might be interesting to make a post with pictures of Rodney Bay.

First a chart of Rodney bay. Rodney Bay consists of an outer bay and and inner lagoon. While good anchoring can be had all over the bad, Party of Five always anchors up near the top little purple anchor. It makes a long dinghy ride in (like 20 min), but its a quiet and secluded spot.


Here is a better view of the anchor spot. Fort Rodney is the peak on the right and Pigeon Island is the peak on the left. If you zoom WAY in you can see POF anchored just to the right of the green roofed building (an awesome restaurant called Jam De Boi).


Touring Fort Rodney and the Pigeon Island park is a MUST if visiting St. Lucia. The park has the most colonial era ruins outside of Antigua. Its optional to climb up Pigeon point, but he view are certainly worth it.


Like every good Caribbean island, there is a Sandals resort.


This one has taken a page from the islands in the South Pacific (namely Fiji) and provides cottages over the water. Every cottage has a sun deck and coordained off private swimming area complete with a stand up paddle board.


A little better view. You can pick one on the open ocean side, or one facing shore. No idea what these cost to rent, but it won’t be cheap.


All the way on the other side of Rodney is another resort.


Just to the left of that is an inflatable playpark for the kids (or big kids). Unfortunately this one is WAY outside our budget at about $30USD/kid/hour!


Ok time to head into the inner lagoon. Nope, pilot boat waived me off as an outgoing superyatch has the right away.


Pretty nice one.


Yup, she is a big one. Took a close pass for some nice pics. The Internet says she is 73m long and was launched in 2017. She is owned by Australian John Symond. She cost more than $100,000,000.. Ya…


Just in case you don’t want to swim in the sea, there is a nice pool on the back deck. Yes, that glass piece between the stairs is a pool (its empty for passage).


Ok, back to the channel into the Lagoon. The local fishing dock and fuel station is half way up the channel. If you see people waving, please stop and give them a rid across the channel. They are not going to rob you and just want a ride to the other side (saves a 1.5 hour walk).


Rodney doesn’t just have Superyatchs, but mansions as well. The little black house to the right is the guest house and is easily 2000sq/ft (puts the big house into perspective).


After Hasna left there were only 2 Superyatchs left.


The marina provided dinghy dock.


Unfortunately we lost some pictures, but we have now headed to the other side of the lagoon (away from the marina) and just came off the dinghy dock. You are greeted by a nice mall and casino.


Right across the street from the other nice mall! We make joke about those “Sale” signs. The same signs have been up for 3 years. As you can imagine, this is where all the hustlers hang out. If you are buying something on the street here, you are getting hustled.


Back on the boat we got a new neighbor. A little “sailing cruise ship”. Not sure if its true, but we have been told numerous times that the sails are just for show and really give almost no propulsion. The black smoke pouring out of the top of 2 of the masts give some credibility to that rumor.


However, sometime the ships make for pretty pictures in the sunset.


Rodney also provides a good place for some sailing in our Optimist. However, its easy to become complacent here, but in the last 2 years, 2 people have been blown out to sea (were never heard from again). Opti sailing is only allowed with a VHF radio and within sight of POF.


St. Lucia falling behind us. We were anchored behind that close peak on the right hand side. We are dragging our fishing lines, but I got tired of “de-weeding” and swearing so I pulled them in.


Martinique on the horizon. The kids were excited to get back “home”. For those wondering, my sails aren’t up as the wind was only 5-7knots. Thats not even enough to keep our main filled in the 1.5m seas. Every time we go over a way, the wind falls out of the sail and it just bangs. We got our sails up later, but still needed motors.


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