A Hike and School on the Beach.


We have be fortunate to run into some kid boats here in St. Lucia. Some are old friends (Trismic), some are new friends (Arrluuk) and some friends we have been conversing with online but finally got to physically meet (ROAM). So with this many kid boats we decided that a group hike would be a good idea (suggested by Trismic). Since some of us were feeling guilty about lazing with our homeschool, I decided to incorporate a class into the hike (really I just wanted to play with the toy I had found in the pharmacy).


The crews assemble at the trail head.



Old friends reunite. However they both commented on how 1 Millie was missing (miss ya Higgins).



The trail was an old gravel road up to a location where they planned to build a new resort. Unfortunately the resort building never happened, but at least they left a nice hike.



Neil and I stopped to enjoy an opposite view of the bay (POF is anchored under the big hill in the distance…. and yes I know what that hill looks like).



Party of Five, Arrluuk and ROAM are in the pile of boats under the hill.



The kids were pretty excited to find this empty concrete room in the middle of the jungle. Seriously it was just an empty square concrete room about 5M x 5M in size. It would be a good place to shoot a horror film.



The walk was pretty slow paced as the kids kept discovering things to look at. It gave the adults a chance to chat.



We found 3 pineapple plants that had been obviously planted by someone.



About %90 to the top of the trail was this little gazebo that made a perfect spot to stop for lunch. I’m just guessing, but I’m pretty sure this is where they would take investors to show them the spectacular view the resort would have.



View #1



View #2



After lunch, we finished the last %10 of the climb to find this small fish pond. If you dip your feet in, the fish will come and nip the dead skin off your toes. As you can imagine the kids loved this.

(Another complete guess, but pretty sure this was an investor thing too).



After the fish pond we hiked back down to the beach where it was school time. Todays lesson was about fire and the fire triangle. The main focus was why some materials are more flammable than others and how you increase or reduce flammability.



Of course no good science class would be complete without a demonstration. What better demonstration than building a volcano.



It was “hot as” under the sun. Erin found a nice shady spot to watch the action.



Making the secret volcano sauce. For those wondering, the secret sauce is white sugar and Salpetre (Potassium Nitrate). Things are different down here in the islands and Saltpetre is still available in the local pharmacies (general sale was banned in most countries in the 80s). For those wondering, the beer was also a crucial ingredient as it kept the teacher from melting.



Yay, FIRE. 19

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