Year Two! (OVER 140 pictures)


Its official again.. We just passed our two year boataversary.


As I look back I realize our second year has been WAY different than our first year. Our first year we were like scared teenagers moving out on our own for the first time. We stressed out at every new anchorage and were trying to fix shit faster than it broke. However, that didn’t stop us from running around in an effort to see and experience as much as possible.


Our second year has been completely different. We are ahead of the curve on boat jobs and have spent time doing jobs to increase our quality of life. We have also figured out how to truly “slow down” and really “SEE” the islands we go to. Hell we spent almost 2 weeks in Dehais, Guadeloupe when we were just supposed to stop and wait for a weather window. Then came Martinique, where we just kept making excuses to not leave (all the kid boats, Bar-B-Qs, visitors, weather, ect). Eventually we stopped making those excuses and realized we were happy and just didn’t want to leave! Martinique had become our new “home” for this season (regular readers will remember we gave this title to Antigua last season).  We feel like we have “graduated” as cruisers. We realized our place as cruisers and are happy with it. We are on the slow train and that’s “ok”. Our hats off to the cruisers taking off and rounding the globe. We may get there eventually, but maybe not, and that’s “ok”.


So as I sit here in St. Lucia and ponder our last year, I find myself asking the question again. “Did I find what I was looking for?”

Yes, indeed, I did!

This year was very different and not entirely dominated by cruising. We headed back to Canada for 4 months where we lived in seclusion and I did real manual labor work. I once again discovered that regardless of where you are and what you are doing, what’s most important doesn’t change. Relationships and friendships. Whether we were living out of our RV in gasland Alberta, or cruising a stunning Caribbean island the important things don’t change. Whether its watching a nice sun set over the Alberta prairies, or toasting a first grand child in the wee hours in an anchorage. Its friends!


Ok, now onto the stats for your nerdy types!

Countries Visited = 9 (only one new this year so far, Montserrat)

Nights at Anchor = 240 ish (Spent 4 months back in Canada, only 3 nights on a ball we paid for, all BVI)

Nights in a Marina = 0 (Yee haw, not a single night)

Diesel expenses = A pure guess as I didn’t keep track. About $350. (We ran with Avanti lots and sailed most of the time)

Petrol Expenses = About $450 (dinghy and water making, running the generator for hot water).

Cheapest place = Martinique (damn we spent 4 months there THIS SEASON)

Most expensive place =Antigua (followed closely by St. Lucia).

Biggest Achievement = Becoming an ambidextrous driver

Biggest regret = NOT LEARNING FRENCH (seriously, 4 months and I still only speak un petit peu)


Alright… Written diarrhea, on to the pictures.



Our year 2 started in St. Martin. Here is one the day before we pulled anchor bound for BVI. Maho beach is a right of passage in St. Martin.

2017 03 March 001 007


St. Martin is the cheapest island in the chain. BVI is the probably the most expensive (or very close). If you are leaving St. Martin for BVI, YOU STOCK UP.

2017 03 March 001 063


Bitter end yacht club, BVI. (NOTE, most of the places you will see in the following BVI are pictures are still heavily damaged or no longer exist from IRMA).

2017 03 March 002  008


Time in the BVI, means time in the water. This is how we spent most days.

2017 03 March 002  051


Conch fishing was unbelievable.. This is Quincy’s fist Conch. He still has this shell as a conch horn and often blows it at sunset. (Thank you Grateful for helping him make the horn)

2017 03 March 002  062


Quincy wasn’t alone. These two were in the water just as much!

2017 03 March 002  094


Our first few days in BVI were spent with our friends on Grateful.

2017 03 March 002  098


De Loose Mongoose.. We spent a few nights there and even almost got into a fist fight. Unfortunately I hear a boat actually landed inside the bar during IRMA. I believe its back up and running, but still doing repairs from said boat.

2017 03 March 002  107


Trelis bay (the bay with Da Loose Mongoose). Its mightly snuggly here. The picture doesn’t actually do it justice. Its so snuggly, we actually had cockroaches arrive from nearby boats (yes roaches can fly).

2017 03 March 002  112


These 2 got just a wee bit too snuggly. It was funny, some locals came out and half heartedly tried to jam some fenders between the two.

2017 03 March 002  113


Ahh the conch cleaning pictures. Many will remember the NASTY picture of Nick and I covered in slime shortly after this.. HOWEVER, it was a conch feast to die for.

2017 03 March 002  124


It’s a “thing” to eat the pistol. Its supposed to make you, ahem, virile… I don’t know if it works, but Higgins was looking for a new mattress shortly after this. Coincidence?

2017 03 March 002  138


After spending some time in the outer islands and enjoying conch meals, we had to go and see the Wreck of the Rhone. The boat sank in 1867 during a hurricane.

2017 03 March 002  321


Here is William from Higgins taking some pictures. He is 18 feet below me and I’m about 10 feet down (ya really)

2017 03 March 002  323


Cruising Tats.

2017 03 March 002  365


2017 03 March 002  366


2017 03 March 002  368


Straight up gangsta!

2017 04 April 001 031


I’m pretty sure that pirates with green MAC10s would have been terrifying.

2017 04 April 001 038


Especially if it was a band of pirates and they also had grenades.. Winking smile

2017 04 April 001 045


After BVI it was over to St. Thomas and a reunion with friends. Long time readers will remember Summer, Jesse and Stacey.

2017 04 April 001 188


St. Thomas hosted our first Carnival of the year.

2017 04 April 001 159


Ahhhh, “Old Swillwalkie”.. Its like being back in Canada at Rhonda’s dad’s house. (nothing against Old Swill, its one of the better beers we drank in that season).

2017 04 April 001 161


But it wasn’t all Carnival and beers.. We finally got tired of our nasty salon and decided new cushions were in order.

2017 04 April 001 202


Materials were ordered. Thankfully Jesse and Stacey allowed us to use their mailing address. This was the biggest shipment, brand new foam for everything.

2017 04 April 001 197


Me and “Lucile” dancing together.

2017 04 April 001 233


Cushion 1.. Hhhhmm not bad (not perfect)..

2017 04 April 001 230


BAM, DONE..  Oh man so much nicer then the crappy worn out old stuff. However, I still have nightmares about that curved backrest cushion.

2017 04 April 001 291


It wasn’t all work though.. The kids used the scraps and old stuff to build a fort. (damn I should take a picture of those buckets, LOL, they don’t look anything like that color anymore)

2017 04 April 001 241


As much as we love St. Thomas, the neighbors suck sometimes. This ship and its sister ship were showed up about every 7 days. According to Wikipedia, they are the largest cruise ships in the world. These black smoke belching behemoths would disgorge 6-7 thousand people each (sometimes both would come in at the same time).  Bye-Bye to the cellular network!

2017 04 April 001 083


Unfortunately our time in St. Thomas had to end and we made a run to St. Martin. It was a terrible run as the Anegada passage kicked my ass again. No matter what I did, I just could make the boat sail. It ended up being an 18 hour motor passage in washing machine like seas. St. Martin wasn’t even our planned destination, but we ended up ditching there when I realized it was the closest island and would end the ass kicking!

2017 05 May 001 009


However, just a couple of days after arriving the seas went completely flat. Here is our anchor chain 24 feet below the boat. (Yes our bridle is over 20 feet long)

2017 05 May 001 012


We were treated to some STUNNING sunsets.

2017 05 May 001 017


AND THEN, another reunion.. Seafrog joined us in Marigot bay, St. Martin.

2017 05 May 001 048


Well shit, it was a double reunion as Last Tango was also there. We had a couple of great “last hurras” as the Party of Five crew had made the decision to head back to Canada for hurricane season. 

2017 05 May 001 069


It was with heavy heart that we sailed away from St. Martin. We knew our cruising was going to be “paused” shortly after our arrival in Antigua.

2017 06 June 001 001


However its hard to keep a heavy heart when the fishing line keeps ZINGING.

2017 06 June 001 010


We arrived in Antigua in the middle of the night. After just a day of recovery we got straight to work, getting the boat ready for a 4 month rest.

2017 06 June 001 020


Everyone pitched in.. However, some were more enthusiastic than others.

2017 06 June 001 025


Of course we weren’t just slave drivers, we got involved too.

2017 06 June 001 022


All that scrubbing and cleaning is thirsty work. Is it wrong to remember each island by the cheapest beer…. I think not..

2017 06 June 001 033


All that work was broke up with some fishing. Here we caught a KICKASS horse eyed jack. Unfortunately, catching them is just for sport as they are not edible in Antigua (the locals even said, No mon don’t eat that, you be sick). They are fighty bastards though.

2017 06 June 001 089


Eventually all our work was done and we spent some time ashore.

2017 06 June 001 045


The kids found their old “Fort”.. Last season, there was sword fighting, dragons and even a marriage that took place here. Quincy even found his old staff.

2017 06 June 001 041


We decided to rent a golf cart and teach the kids how to drive…. WHAT, you never had a drivers ed teacher hold a beer.. Pffft you obviously went to the wrong driving school.

2017 06 June 001 188



2017 06 June 001 191


Its at this point that I’m realizing we have just taught them how to drive ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD…

2017 06 June 001 192


I had to include this picture as it will make us laugh until the end of time. I took back over driving duty from the kids and zigged when Rhonda thought I was going to zag. She rolled out of the cart and had a makeout session with the pavement.

2017 06 June 001 203


What do you do after you eject your wife from a golf cart? You disable the governor on the motor cause you obviously weren’t going fast enough .

2017 06 June 001 235


Your chin is fine.. Here hold this fish up for the camera.. Horse eyed jack number 2.

2017 06 June 001 244


As time does… It marched on and soon we realized that our haul out date was just a few days away. Here is Quincy and I cleaning the bottom right before our haulout (we are cheap and didn’t want to pay for pressure washing).

2017 06 June 001 299


For the third time since I owned the boat I watched a giant machine pick her out of the water. (Dammit, Barb and Stu, you said it would only happen every 5 years.. Smile)

2017 06 June 001 327


We all wave goodbye to POF. She has been our protector and bringer of dreams. We hope its not a mistake leaving her in the hurricane belt. (spoiler, she was saved by a hair as the super storm IRMA passed just 40 miles north. The airport right across the bay from the boatyard reported 105 knots of wind)

2017 06 June 001 397


Antigua to Toronto.. Plane landed.. We deplaned…. and headed to the first Tim Hortons we saw. Canadian’s will understand. (the fries were something completely new since we left.. AND THEY WERE SHIT, SO BAD)

2017 06 June 002 002


One kind of cruising for another. Here be our home for the next 4 months. This is literally the only possession we still own in Canada. My mom spent hours and hours ensuring it was an inviting home once we got back. I have no words for how grateful we were as we climbed into clean dry beds after 20 hours of travel.

2017 06 June 002 005


Just because we have left the boat, doesn’t mean “Boat School” is stopped. Nope, before we even moved the RV to our semi permanent location it was back to the books (travel meant they had some days off).

2017 07 July 001 007


This will become our home for 2 months of our Canadian stay. This is the original homestead property of my Grandfather. This picture does not due justice on how isolated this location really is. We were well and truly “off grid” and in the sticks.

2017 07 July 001 010


This picture is literally a 180 spin shot the other way from the last picture (I have my back to the RV). 2017 07 July 001 014


Just in case you think I full of shit, here was my drive to work EVERY DAY. Yup, it was like 2KM up this “cutline” just to get to a gravel road. 4X4 only!

2017 07 July 001 123


However, our kids loved it. Here they are spending time with their cousin being “KIDS”. (WHOA…. Slowdown helicopter moms… Yes he was talked to shortly after this picture about cords around his neck. However, we were too embarrassed to chastise him about the smurf penis).

2017 07 July 001 095


But it turns out it wasn’t all fun and games for just the kids. It’s a long story to this… but my brother was directly responsible for fulfilling a huge fantasy of mine. To fly in a helicopter (shut up Jared.. We all can’t have helicopter pilots licenses Winking smile).

2017 07 July 001 021


I know… You think I might be full of crap and just took a picture of a chopper sitting on the ground and “said” I flew in it. Well here is an actual in flight picture.

2017 07 July 001 034


It was supposed to be a “rough” day when we went out. The pilot kept asking if I was “ok”.. My response, “When will it get rough?”. His response “Dude this is rough, can’t you feel the gusts”. Frankly it has nothing on boating. I’m not joking or making it up. Compared to a “medium rough” day on the boat, it wasn’t even close.

2017 07 July 001 035


Back on the home front we had the same issues we had on the boat. LAUNDRY sucks.. We ended up buying this “fancy” version of the barbie washer. It worked amazingly well. Really a perfect unit for an RV.

2017 07 July 001 040


About half way through our return to landlife, I was asked if I wanted to do a pipeline job in Medicine hat. What the hell, why not. So my wonderful parents moved our RV for us all the way down to Medicine Hat Alberta (about an 8 hour drive).

2017 09 September 001 119


It wasn’t all that bad. The kids quickly made friends with the local wildlife.

2017 08 August 002 007


Daph made VERY good friends with the local wildlife. Although these bunnies are wild, they grow up in this RV park and are used to humans.

2017 08 August 002 008


Back at work I got to play with some cool toys. However, mostly I ran the “goon spoon”!

2017 09 September 001 014


When I wasn’t on the spoon, they did let me drive the equipment between digs. I did also learn how to do some light digging and “deconstruction”

2017 09 September 001 044


People are shocked that Alberta actually has desert. Well here is some proof.

2017 09 September 001 018


Digging holes in the ground you find all manner of crap that people bury. We uncovered a bag of garbage that contained this news paper. It was buried in the ground for almost 40 years and still looked like this.. Think about that.

2017 09 September 001 035


You are probably wondering what in the hell we were actually doing. Well, with the crash in the natural gas prices, many companies are abandoning some wells. That’s exactly what we were doing. We would isolate the abandoned well and reconfigure the pipeline so the still profitable wells would continue to produce.  One of my other duties was on the coating crew. I would ensure that no metal was exposed before the pipe was reburied.

2017 09 September 001 011


However, it wasn’t all work. Here is some fun time in our RV right before the end of the job.

2017 09 September 001 101


Then it was back to Edmonton to wrap up our time on land.

2017 09 September 001 106


Well, there might have been a little partying with old friends before we headed back to the boat.

2017 09 September 001 121


Of course you can’t get away from Alberta with a good ol snowstorm.

2017 10 October 001 025


And just like that.. We were back in Antigua and I was back to work.  (with a complete lack of pictures of the trip). Jesus I don’t remember it being this hot.

2017 10 October 002 018


Did I ever mention how much I hate doing bottom painting? (My arm was blue for a week)

2017 10 October 002 022


However, I wasn’t alone. Rhonda also got “SMURFED”.

2017 10 October 002 029


All the hard work eventually paid off and our SPLASH day arrived. We were SO exited to get in the water and get the boat cleaned up.

2017 10 October 002 054


The kids wasted absolutely no time getting in the water and enjoying.

2017 10 October 002 086


The old Tohatsu fired up on the second pull. That motor is probably one of the best things I have ever bought. Engineered very well. Simple, but not CHEAPLY made.

2017 10 October 002 088


Of course the kids wanted to go to shore and find their old fort (see photos above). It was fun to look at how things had changed. However we hung a backpack in this tree and are pretty sure a big ol roach hitchhiked back to the boat. No one likes a big ol roach crawling across their ass at 2am, especially me!

2017 10 October 002 156


Yup a secluded bay and hot weather.. Clothing is optional sometimes.

2017 10 October 002 162


It wasn’t a regular Halloween, but the kids had a blast. We handed out candy and small gifts to the other kids we ran into.

2017 10 October 002 189


However, our time in Antigua needed to end. It was time to get moving and we set our eyes on Montserrat.

2017 11 November 001 037


It was fishy trip though. This cuda fought like I have never seen. He was a monster. Unfortunately no eating this fish either due to Cig.

2017 11 November 001 050


We also caught this nice tuna on the way. It was super yummy.

2017 11 November 001 053


It was a big splash out for us, but we actually paid for a tour of the island. It was SOOO worth it. The next few pictures are of the sites that Sam showed us.

2017 11 November 001 074


2017 11 November 001 091


We got lucky and were treated to an absolutely spectacular view of the smoking volcano.

2017 11 November 001 105


That brown patch is where the city of Plymouth used to exist. The entire city was buried. As you can see, its still smoking today.

2017 11 November 001 130


We only stayed in Montserrat for about 48 hours before heading off of Guadeloupe.  Just before leaving we put up the brand new Canadian flag we had in a storage compartment. Rhonda caught a pretty nice picture of it just before we raised sail.

2017 11 November 001 174


We rolled into Dehais, Guadeloupe. I still think its one of the prettiest anchorages in all the Caribbean. 

2017 11 November 002 043


Rhonda made us some fantastic breadfruit fries with the breadfruit that Sam found us in Montserrat.

2017 11 November 002 002


After spending WAY more time in Dehais that we planned, we eventually got moving and headed to Roseau, Dominica. This island was ABSOLUTELY devastated by the second super hurricane of last season, MARIA. Look closely at this picture. Most of that debris is actually houses.

2017 11 November 003 037


Although we couldn’t offer a ton, we gave what we could. The locals were ecstatic to receive food and water.

2017 11 November 003 043


Then it was off to Martinique. (we had not idea how long we would be there).

2017 11 November 003 068


And some “down time”!

2017 November 004 088


This picture pretty much sums up what we think about St. Anne Martinique. Idealic.

2018 01 January 001 005


Oh man… Back in the French islands. Wine.. So much good wine..

2018 01 January 001 152


And BEER.. CHEAP BEER (0.65 cents euro/can)

2018 01 January 001 153


Of course we spent a ton of time in the water. Hmm not a great set, but we have 150ft of chain out and the weather is predicted to be light.


Someone even shot his first lion fish with his very own gun.

2018 01 January 001 231


Look familiar?



And then it was someone’s birthday. Everyone commented on how much it wasn’t the same without Avanti.



Shortly after that it was Christmas. This year we even had a proper tree as there was no problem finding a nice cheap tree in Martinique.



THANKFULLY, the kid boats began to arrive.



Of course the parents had to have some fun too.



We welcomed our first real full time visitors to the boat. That’s not some random plane, it’s the actual flight that brought our guests. As we were taking this picture they were looking out the window trying to spot our boat.



My parents were missing the grand kids.



Just hanging out.. Can you tell who is acclimated to the weather and who is not.



They treated us to Pizza…. Yup after that they could stay as long as they liked.



Of course there was a ton of cards played.



We rented a van and spent the day running around the island. (pretty sure my dad is still telling stories of how I almost killed him 20 times).



The moment my mom was dreading. We needed to run across the Martinique-St. Lucia channel. True open ocean sailing in not “optimal” conditions. (for you inquisitive types the 19.2 you see on the gauge is the depth in feet)



St. Lucia in our sights… LOL, YES that is the same flag we put up a few months ago.



Someone was pretty relieved to have some flat waters. We anchored on the south side of the bay for a couple of days. DSCF5530


For the last few days of their visit, my parents decided to rent a villa. It was pretty opulent (HOT SHOWERS).



Unfortunately the day arrived when we had to say Goodbye.



But… Just a few days later, we welcomed our second set of guests to Party of Five. Michel and Annette from northern Alberta. The plan was to run them up to Martinique and then back to St. Lucia. Unfortunately the weather just wouldn’t cooperate and we got pinned in St. Lucia.



Of course they had brought Canadian style shooters. Rye and maple Syrup (with a Piton chaser of course).



We might as well see as much of the island as we could, so we rented a van for the day. It was fun as I was still perfecting my driving on the wrong side of the road skills.



We ended up in a little village called Anse La Raye looking for an old friend of Michel’s. We stopped at the beach while looking for said friends house. From this day forward, someone earned the nickname of Mrs. Roper.



Turns it Michel’s friends house was right up our ally. “The Druken Lizard” bar.



After some chit-chat and reminiscing, Stephan took us on a jungle hike to the local waterfall.



It was a pretty spectacular waterfall. A very cool place that not many people get to see. (Thanks for the pic Steph)



After the waterfall it was back to the boat for a little fishing. We caught this nice yellowtail snapper right off the back of the boat.



We rounded up Michel and Annette’s trip by hanging out with the superyachts at the posh resort in Marigot bay! They rented a villa just up the hill for the last few days to have some downtime.



Shortly after Michel and Annette left, the weather settled down and we made the jump across the channel with our long time friends Mike and Gigi on Last Tango. (It hadn’t settled down enough as we had a pretty rough crossing). DSCF6404


We spent the next few weeks on boat projects, fishing and just relaxing. I built a new gauge cluster for our energy center.







Of course our most exciting project was the installation of a REAL washing machine.  This is by far the best upgrade we have ever done to our boat. It cut our washing time from like 10 hours of WORK/week to about 1 hour (where the machine does all the work).



Its crazy but Party of Five spent over 4 months in Martinique this year. At first I felt guilty about that. Like we have changed from cruisers to liveaboards. However, in the end I realized that there is nothing wrong with staying in a place you love. With sunsets like this, why would you leave? I only regret that I didn’t take the opportunity to really learn how to speak French.


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  1. Colleen Gettman
    April 9, 2018 at 9:06 am

    Very interesting what your memories and experiences from first year and moving onto next. One thing from all of this is how close you are as a family and making it quality time for everyone. Wish you all the best with your time away and yes slow down and feel the places in your travels. Safe sailing and exploring!

  2. April 9, 2018 at 9:21 am

    Congrats on the 240… and big 0 under Marinas. It’s a goal well worth achieving 🙂

  3. Jody
    April 9, 2018 at 9:55 am

    Hey guys!!
    Love this update and the pictures.
    And Travis, I love how you guys got acceptance-so often we are saddled down with what we think we “should do”, or what we think is expected. Good for you guys!!!
    It is a lot of work being on the move all the time. It’s nice to have a “home away from home”!

    Thinking of you guys. Lots of love!
    P.S Travis. Be careful with my cousin’s face!! YIKES!!!! haha Poor Rhona

  4. Georgette and Russell Drolet
    April 9, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    Very interesting up date on your adventure. I’s nice to see you are so relaxed the second year as compared to the first. Enjoy your time at different places and stay awhile. We think of you guys all the time. We miss yous and the kids and good luck in all of your travels.

    • travis
      April 10, 2018 at 3:30 pm

      Thanks Auntie.. We miss you too.

  5. Cindy
    April 9, 2018 at 7:30 pm

    Love reading about and seeing your adventures!! Never a dull monent on PoF!!

    • travis
      April 10, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      Thanks a bunch..

  6. Marc Bennett
    April 10, 2018 at 3:10 pm

    Great reading POF! Enjoyed meeting y’all when we were visiting Last Tango.
    Hope to see you next year, meanwhile keep Living the Dream!

    • travis
      April 10, 2018 at 3:30 pm

      Thanks Mark.. We enjoyed meeting you too.. We will be out here till the money runs out or the fun!

  7. Judy Ross
    April 15, 2018 at 4:47 pm

    I totally understand your love of the sunsets. I never tire of watching the sunset on the ocean and you literally see it disappear. We do not see this on land for sure. You guys are making awesome memories while building a very strong family bond. Good luck in year three.

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