Visitors–Final Days


Our first visitors this season have now left and our boat is feeling a little lonely. On the upside, our boat won’t be lonely for too long as we welcome our second guests this season in 5 days. Rhonda, the kids and myself are pumped to have our first “non family” guests aboard and share our lifestyle with them (I really hope they don’t tell people how we really live) Winking smile.

Unfortunately we got a little lazy with the camera in the final days of my parents visit. However, between the 2 camera’s I was able piece together some more pictures. Please enjoy these pictures from the last few days of my parents visit!


Once all the “hustle and bustle” of sightseeing in Martinique was over, the grandparents spent HOURS playing cards with the kids. There was crib, rummy, solitaire, kings and little ones, poker and probably tons more. Quincy has his poker face on!



We spent a few nights anchored in Rodney bay and then my mom rented a villa in the inner harbor. It was a little more posh that Party of Five is used to.



They rented a stunning end unit with all the amenities.



The cool part about having a villa in the inner harbor of Rodney bay is the mooring balls are only 30 yards from the back door. Here is Party of Five tied to a ball right out the back door.



Grandma insisted the kids stay in the villa. Here is Daphnie’s room for those few days. Yes, that is AC control on the wall.



Even though Quincy was alone in his room, he claimed the top bunk! Yes it was air conditioned as well.



Morning coffee was enjoyed with friends!



Our kids have never really been introduced to TV. Amazing how quickly they turned into zombies!



Of course any good villa has a pool and sundeck!



Its not the ocean, but it will do!



Proof that we didn’t just let them zone out in front of the TV!



However, it wasn’t all paradise for everyone. Poor Teddy was the main course for the Mossies and NOSEUMS. Unfortunately he also seemed to be allergic to the the critters down here. Some of his bites even blistered. If you look closely at his foot you can see a bandage.



Unfortunately all good times must eventually come to an end. Here is the crew solemnly walking to the front gate so Grandma and Gido can catch their cab to the airport.



Anyone looking for a cab in St. Lucia should contact Vincent. Not only was his rate VERY reasonable (less than everyone else), he gave my parents a tour of the island on the way to the airport.
Vincent 756-715-0162



It was fantastic to have my parent aboard and we all enjoyed showing them the sites of Martinique and St. Lucia. Not only were they perfect guests but insisted on buying us a gift on departure. Thanks Ted and Judy.. Come back anytime (the kids hope its sooner rather than later).








P.S. I suspect some of you are going to hear stories about how I almost killed everyone MULTIPLE times while driving the mini-van. Teddy just isn’t used to driving down here in the West Indies. I was taking it easy and only squealed the tires a few times. However, for those interested, a Citroen Jumpy has a shitton of body roll when pushed around a corner with 7 passengers. However, it sure is fun to drop 2 gears, stuff the throttle and listen to that little turbo diesel chortle as we pulled a few hundred feet of altitude on a switchback! In my Mom’s words, “Ted, he is not doing anything you wouldn’t have done at his age!” Winking smile

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