Visitors–Day 8


After our trip around Martinique in the van, we had planned a couple of days planned in St. Anne and the beaches south. Unfortunately most of those plans were dashed by a couple of very squally days. In between squalls, we were able to walk around St. Anne and show my parents the pretty little town. Unfortunately none of us remembered to bring the camera for those walks.  Most of the days were spent with Gido and Grandma playing cards with the kids.


At this point we were also watching the weather closely for a good window to sail south to St. Lucia. We decided to jump on a small window that opened as the weather guru’s were calling for big winds and waves to move in soon (Chris Parker was calling for 30 knots of wind and 10ft seas). We prepared the boat, went to Le Marin to buy provisions and called Phil on See Ya Sail to see if he wanted to buddy boat. He was all for it, so we agreed on a 7:00am departure time and had an early night.


The great thing about getting up early is you are treated to a fantastic sunrise!



Anchor pulled and the diesels chugging we head out of St. Anne towards See Ya Sail who is already “hovering” at the mouth of the bay.



I’m pretty sure my mom and dad thought we didn’t actually sail. Nope we actually pulled the sails on this trip. However I chose to run a fully reefed main and most of the gib with a single motor. Since we wanted to fish, this makes actually reeling in a fish MUCH easier as you can slow the boat by throttling back (or so I thought). Yes I know I need to tighten the mainsheet.



Not many people can say they crossed one of the Caribbean channels on a small boat. Ted and Judy can now check this one off!



Huh… I guess that motor is not really doing anything.. Time to shut her down!



Unfortunately my mom and the seas didn’t agree very much. She didn’t get physically sick, but definitely was nauseous.  In her defense the waves were 4-5ft with the odd 6-7 footer thrown in (for real) and on a nasty angle (dead abeam). We got absolutely smoked by an 8 foot as we crossed the compression zone at the top of St. Lucia. It came over the side of the boat and drenched the cockpit (where poor Quincy was sleeping).



Soon enough it was all smiles as we fell into the lee and rounded Pigeon Island. Look at the top of the nearest mountain, that is Fort Rodney!



Sails down as we head for the anchorage!



Anchor down! We sit back and enjoy the stunning beauty Rodney bay has to offer!



Phil and I headed to the inner lagoon to check-in while my dad, Rhonda and the kids did some fishing! Teddy didn’t break any records with this one!



Rhonda did not bad…






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