A Busy Day In the Life of POF–PART 2


Alright without any fanfare, pomp or gilding the lily here is Part 2 of our busy day!


Back on the boat I open our propane locker and scratch my head trying to figure out how to connect the butane bottle to our propane system. I was very lucky as our friends on Pura Vida bought us the right gear so I could just swap the regulator and was good to go. YAY, Party of Five can now run propane or butane.  If you look close you can see that 2 standard 20lb propane bottles fit with the butane bottle (actually 2 butane bottles would fit). Again, I said a silent “Thank you” to the builders.



While I was screwing with the gas bottles, Rhonda was busy trying to get all our groceries sorted and packed away.



All the groceries are packed and stowed, so we hop in the dinghy and head over to Sirsha Mor on the way to the beach. We pick up Shamus as he wants to come lion fishing with us. We connect with another kid boat (Ramone) and they decide to follow us as the reef can be a little tricky.

(If Chris and Catherine read this, you would be amazed at Kim’s English. I was amazed).



On the way to the beach we had to stop off at Marie des Isles. We were not able to raise them on the VHF and wanted to make sure they were invited. Marie des Isles might be the prettiest boat in the anchorage!



Caritan beach is where the dinghy is pulled ashore. However, you need to be careful. If we head directly at it, we would most likely run aground on the reef. We need to head south (to our right) and then turn in to miss the reef!



We arrived at the beach and Quincy, Shamus and myself don our gear and head out to shoot some lion fish on the reef (Shamus is actually a vegetarian but wanted to come snorkling and promised to point out any lion fish he spotted.) I’m happy to report that Quincy shot his first lion fish with the speargun his grand parents bought him. This picture does not show how excited he actually was.



The kids enjoyed playing in the water at sunset. Although this picture looks like a local hunting some fish with a bow, its not. Its actually Jonah walking in the shallows with a toy bow our friend Vee  (Lorelei) made him. Give Rhonda props for this great photo!



Phillip (from Sea Ya Sail) and I went bushwacking and gathered some wood for a beach fire. We have no idea how much of the wood we gathered was from Manchineel trees, but no one got sick, so that’s good.



While we hung out by the fire, Daphanie loved spending time with the girls. As always she seems to gravitate to the older girls when there is a group.



Most of the kids eventually got tired of swimming and came to enjoy the fire.



However, Jonah and Yugi (Lorelei) were content to hang out in the water the whole time. In fact we had a hell of a time trying to get those 2 into the dinghy. (I have no idea why the catamaran in the background is flying sail on anchor 20 minutes before sundown).



Once back at POF I quickly processed Quincy’s lion fish (gloves are for pansies). He insisted on eating the whole thing himself.



We were so tired after our crazy day that we actually hired a chef to cook dinner that night. Chef boyardee did a great job and no one complained. Winking smile
(yes I got a little sunburned, but the next day it turned to a nice golden brown).


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