Candid shoot–One year later

Exactly 1 year ago I posted a candid shoot of our boat. I simply walked around and took pictures of the boat with ZERO preparation. In an interesting coincidence we happen to be in the exact same anchorage as that post. So I thought it would be fun to do another candid shoot one year later. Have fun spotting the differences.

Here is the link to the post 1 year ago.


We are just finishing our morning coffee before starting schooling with the kids (this picture was taken at 10:00am).



There are some rather big changes in this photo over last years photo.



Kids decided Jonah’s room would be the playhouse today.



No picture of Martinique would be complete without a picture of Diamond Rock. We are not going to talk about why my wind generator has no blades installed.



We parked in a different spot this year. Much closer to the Le Marin entrance. Sure, its easier to get to the big town, but the waterski boats can drive you mad (that’s a Club Med on the near shore).



Loads of differences from last year.



Our cockpit is never really tidy!


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