It begins AGAIN!

I’m happy… Ecstatic.. Over the moon.. to report that the Party of Five crew has arrived back at the boat for the next chapter of our adventure!


Its strange this time… Not like Key West, when we had ZERO idea what we were getting into. This time there is a very distinct flavor we are tasting again. Watching the kids fall into their comfy spots at the settee (stinky feet on the cushions). The smell of a boat left locked up for months (some readers know, others don’t.. Like an oily diesel motor stored with blue cheese!). The squawk of the VHF when we switched her to 16 as a test. That smank when you open a storage compartment for a can of food (times 10 since it hasn’t been opened in 4 months). The tang of Chef Boyardee in the air as you have nothing else to eat but bilged canned food! Oh the romance! That paints a beautiful picture of OUR cruising life. No easing into it.. All that in the first hours of arriving at the boat!


All that was followed by a flight itinerary that would have been challenging for a a single couple. No bullshit.. My 2 boys left their grandparents in Ardrossan at 4:45pm and arrived in Antigua at 2:00pm (the next day).. Daph…. Left Edmonton at 1:00am and arrive at the same time in Antigua…. However, she only slept 20 min in that whole 24 hour period! They were troopers… True legends..


As you can imagine our first few days were spent doing very little. Combine the time change with the insane flight schedule and none of us had the energy to do ANYTHING for the first few days. Unfortunately that “haze” has been very slow at leaving the Party of Five crew. Even after 4 days all of us are struggling to get the motivation to do the work required.  Don’t get me wrong, work has been done, but no where near the speed I usually do it.


On the up side, we have fallen back into the cruising life easily. The last few days have been packed with adventures where we rented a true right hand drive vehicle, in a left hand drive country. To compound that, the vehicle was imported from Japan and has ALL Japanese instructions and decaling. She even talks to you in Japanese when you try to use the navigation system. Let just say some hilarity, and terror ensued as we blasted around the island trying to figure shit out. I only ended up in the wrong lane 7 or 8 times, but it was the fact that every time I wanted to turn a corner I put the wipers on that brought the most laughs (wiper stalk is on the left, turn signal stalk on the right).


However the best part of our adventuring is that we got to share it with 1/5 of the Una Vida crew (Jared). We originally met Una Vida in St. Martin, but only in passing . We then spent more time with them here in Antigua as we waited our haul-out date and they were running south. Unfortunately at that time Jared had busted his achilles tendon and was pretty much confined to the boat (ya, imagine a cruising adventure in a cast). That has since healed, but unfortunately he is down here to oversee a sale of Una Vida (crazy buggers are going back to work). We were glad to give him one last taste of cruising life and some adventure. I’m not sure Rhonda could have survived the car rides without him, as he administered copious amounts of beer to calm her nerves (anyone who drove in Antigua will understand).


Anyway…. Here is hoping my next post will be chocka-block full of splash pics!

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