Back to the Frozen North!


Its been almost 4 weeks since we arrived back in Canada. None of us were sure of what to expect. Would we be cold all the time? Would it be like we remembered? Would we fit in?…. and many more questions! Here is a quick post detailing our first couple of weeks! (Sorry for the lack of pics, there is a post coming loaded with pictures).


Our travel day arrived and we boarded the plane in Antigua after a rocky start (don’t ask). Despite the small issues, the kids were pumped to ride a plane and head back to Canada. It was awesome to watch the kids eyes as the plane throttled up on the tarmac and then roared down the runway for takeoff. Only Quincy was old enough to really remember the previous flights! It was super cool when we banked over Antigua and we could clearly see our boatyard and POF sleeping soundly!

Most of our flight was super boring (over water), with one VERY cool moment when we approached and flew over New York. It was really cool to pick out the individual building in downtown New York. After that excitement, it was a short ride to Toronto where we made a bee line for the Tim Hortons. It had almost been 2 years since I last went to “Tims”  and it was the ONE craving I had while away. Unfortunately we were super disappointed once the food and drinks arrived. It was nothing like we remembered and was frankly “not good”!  I wonder if it was always that way or if we had changed and it no longer appealed!  (A month later I still don’t like it and much prefer McDonalds coffee!)


With our “Tims” disappointment behind us, we went in search of our gate and the final flight back to Edmonton. We made our way around the airport as I was a turmoil of emotions inside. 2 years doesn’t seem like a long time, but I was afraid everything might have changed in those 24 months! I was further panicked when the wheels touched down and almost everyone on the plane reached for a cell phone. It was a cacophony of bings, bongs, whistles and hoots as peoples phones connected. I sat in awe as 200 peoples thumbs began pounding out messages and our family was the only one left out. Looking around made me feel like a time traveler looking back at MYSELF two years prior!


Thankfully, our pass through customs was efficient and painless and we grabbed our bags with great anticipation! Rhonda’s dad had agreed to pick us up (and a million other favors) and the kids we bouncing to see Grandpa! We made our way through the sliding glass doors and scanned the crowd for familiar faces! It wasn’t long until Rhonda spotted her dad and it was hugs all around!  After hugs with everyone, Bob let me know that my cousin Shane had also come to welcome us. It was fantastic to see multiple family members upon arrival, not to mention that it was 1AM! We so appreciated it!


Unfortunately our mental state didn’t allow us to stay in the airport very long as it was 3AM Antigua time and we were spent! After the hugs and welcomes, we headed to Bob’s truck and loaded up our luggage! We made our way to MufflerCenter (Bob’s shop) where Bob passed  over the keys to the truck and bid us farewell. Seriously, Bob had just lent us a fantastic vehicle to use while we were in Canada, no questions asked! SERIOUSLY. I’m not sure how to say “Thank You”, or convey how much that did for us! THANK YOU!


The next absolute mind blowing act of generosity was waiting for us after the 45 min drive from the airport. My mom had said she prepared our RV a “little bit” for our arrival. We were not prepared for what that meant when we actually arrived. “A little bit”, meant completely ready for a family of five to move in. Bedding, pots and pans, cutlery, top to bottom cleaning and even fully stocked…. YES, including BEER!!!! Amazing…… A magical moment as we fell into our beds in Alberta for the first time in 2 years.


With the excitement of our first time back in Canada in almost 2 years, we completely stopped taking pictures. This is the only picture we have of our arrival. Our Tim Hortons meal in Toronto.


  4 comments for “Back to the Frozen North!

  1. Dean
    August 1, 2017 at 8:48 am

    I agree that McD’s coffee is much better. I’ve stopped drinking timmies about 6 months before you left.

  2. August 1, 2017 at 10:26 am

    The old Tim Hortons coffee is actually now McDonald’s coffee. Tim’s supplier changed (so McDonald’s grabbed it) and now many people don’t like Tim’s coffee anymore. They just don’t realize that they can still get that old Tim’s coffee, but now at McDonald’s!

    • travis
      August 1, 2017 at 4:17 pm

      We have heard this rumor enough times that I actually researched it. Its not actually true..Its a long and complex story involving trade secrets. However it is true that McDonalds is using the same supplier Tim Horton’s used to use, but the blend is not the same. I can definately confirm that based on taste alone. McDonalds coffee does not taste like Tim Horton’s (old or new). It has its own taste, that I enjoy!

  3. Colleen Gettman
    August 1, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Thanks for showing us how it was to be returning to many unknown on your return. Hopefully with so much kindness you will enjoy being where there are not as many challenges as you and family have endured on your venture.

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