Back to Canada–Eh!


I’ve had a few people contacting me inquiring about our Canada trip. They are not only wondering on the details but if this will be the end of our cruising life. So I thought I would create a post to answer the questions I have been asked!


First Question – Are you quitting cruising?

NO we are not ending our cruising life! We are simply going back to Canada during this hurricane season (June – Nov).  We fly out of Antigua on June 10th and fly back to Antigua October 14th! (yes the return tickets are booked).


Second Question – Why are you going back? Is it family issues, money, homesickness?

There are a couple of reasons for this decision. The base technical reason is we really needed to do something for hurricane season. We were faced with 3 options here. First we could find a nice island with some “hurricane holes” and take our chances watching the weather and using the duck and cover strategy. Second, we could head south and run to Grenada or Trinidad (been there, done that). Third, we could put the boat up and head back for the season!


Now understand that we didn’t take this decision lightly. There were pros and cons to all the options. We spent many sleepless nights (really months) and avoided making the final decision until the last minute. In the end we decided it was just time for a “RESET”. We had realized that things had stopped feeling “special”. We had just become too comfortable with it all and felt that a shot of land life would make us appreciate what we really have!


Third Question – What will you do back in Canada?

As some of you may know, my brother is involved with a construction and maintenance company in Northern Alberta. His company has graciously offered me a job for the duration of our stay.


What exact job I will be doing, I’m not exactly sure. I’m guessing “Toothbrush toilet cleaner” until they break my spirit. Winking smile. Whatever it is, I’m guessing I will be loosing some of the beer gut I have built!


Fourth Question – Where will you live?

This is the cool part! We are going to live in our 5th wheel trailer on the original piece of land that my Grandfather homesteaded. It’s a secluded piece of property in Northern Alberta with ZERO services (nope, no water, sewer or power). Just like cruising we are going to live much simpler. We are hoping this take some of the “sting” out of the transitions (both there and back).


Fifth Question – Lets have a beer!

I have received a bunch of these requests. I love drinking beer and I would love to see everybody… HOWEVER, we arrive back in Edmonton on June 11 and I start work June 14 or 15th. I just don’t have time when we initially come back.  I will keep all those requests in mind and hope we can fulfill them towards the end of our stay!



With the top 5 questions answered, I thought I would leave you with some of those special moments we no longer notice!



One of the first dinghy rides. It quickly became clear that Daph was in her element!



First anchor! ( I never slept well for months, now I don’t even notice we move)

2016 Mar Dry Tortuga Gramma 022


Our first landfall as a family. (The lifejackets are so cute)

2016 Mar Marqueses Key Cannon 028


One of the firs days of “Boat School”. These days there is much more yelling, crying and strapping! (just kinda kidding)

2016 Mar Mooring Field (Key West) Gramma 019


The first bow ride.

2016 March Leaving Robbies BoatYard Cannon 030


Landfall in Bahamas and our first foreign port check-in! (man I really loved those shoes and sunglasses)



First time we encounter “Boat Kids”. (Yup our kids swam with lifejackets for months…. LOL). Jonah wouldn’t go in the water because of Rays.. Now he jumps in with 5ft barracuda and names them!



When catching fish after fish on a handline was still new! He spent hours out there.



Our first time making a big passage with a buddy boat. SeaFrog took this picture right after the water spout disappeared.



“Honey, I will pull you up the mast. Look how flat the anchorage is”. We had to remove the fancy navigation light that completely killed our VHF when on. Serious puker factor that day. Now, she would probably sleep until I got her to the top! For those wondering, that is 6 stories. Look at her and look at me, then look at the distance between us, it gives a good idea!


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