Rainman/Seatask, other companies take note.


Regular readers to our blog will know the 2 names in the title. Rainman is the manufacturer of our water maker, and Seatask is the dealer in the USA I bought it from. Regular readers will also recall that I have posted 2 reviews of both (1 initial review and a follow up 6 months later). Both times I espoused how happy I was with both companies as they had provided a quality product, backed by great service at a fantastic price!


I can almost hear your groan through the Internet as you think I’m about to complain how something went wrong and now I’m not happy…. Well you are partially right, something did go wrong! HOWEVER, I’m not here to complain.. I’m writing to show other companies how warranty claims should be handled. When it became evident that our unit had developed a strange problem that may affect its longevity (read it had not completely failed, but was a little out of “spec”), I was told “Please tell me where we can ship the new component for you to pickup. In the box will be a return shipping label to ship you faulty component back so we can do an investigation on its failure mode.”


Now think on this… They are going to ship me a part (a very heavy part), in some remote location in the world. Then they are going to pay to ship the faulty part back so they can determine why it failed and potentially stop any other customer from having this failure. All at their own expense, probably wiping out any profit they made on my purchase.  As a business owner building and importing product before I went cruising I “GET” how fantastic this is. There was a day when this wouldn’t seem strange, however in todays world, this is an anomaly. A fantastic anomaly.


So for any cruiser who happens to stumble on this post and may be considering a watermaker, I can’t recommend Rainman and Seatask ENOUGH! You will end up with a product as good or better than the competition with world class support! BUY A RAINMAN!


P.S. For those wondering what went wrong (I know I would be one of those people). I have to say that I know multiple cruisers with the exact same unit that do not have any issues (after 2 or3 years of ownership), so I have to conclude I have a “one off” issue! I think we just got a unit that passed inspection but had a small flaw, or our unit was damaged later somewhere (in manufacture or shipping). I certainly can’t see any flaws in the design or material used. I have complete confidence that our replacement parts will solve the issue and we will get years of service from the unit after that!


P.S.S… I HAVE ZERO AFFILITION WITH EITHER SEATASK OR RAINMAN. Other than buying something from them I have no other affiliation. They did not pay me, provide me with free gear, or support me in any other way monetarily. I’m just a happy customer (I know a shock now adays)!

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  1. Dean
    April 19, 2017 at 8:03 am

    If more people would call attention to good product and service instead of just focusing on bad product or service, the retail world would be a much better place. Good on you guys and good on them for doing it right!

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