Month: April 2017

New Cushions–Time to do Some Sewing!

  Whoa… I can hear you manly men through the Internet.. “Shoot, sewing is wenches work”. Aiy, in the modern world sewing is indeed labeled as wenches work. However before our modern “domesticated” times sewing was for swashbucklers. Really, seriously… Not convinced.. Well let my words paint a little story. Imagine! (insert some 80s flashback music) Your the captain of… Read more →

Hot Water–Glorious Hot Water!

  It may be a shock to many but Party of Five doesn’t really have hot water capabilities aboard. We make limited hot water when we run the port side motor (4 gallons only). Lately since we have been sailing mostly, its been REALLY limited.  Yes, I can hear you Canadians “You don’t need hot water down there!”.. Ya ya,… Read more →

The British Virgin Islands

  Well, another country/territory has slipped beneath our keels. Today we are leaving the British Virgin Islands (BVIs) and once again returning to the United States Virgin Islands. Since we choose to skip the BVIs on the way down this was our first experience here. I thought I would share our thoughts about our experiences.   First, lets start with… Read more →