Month: February 2017

St. Martin/Sint Marteen

  French side. Dutch side. Lagoon. Marigot. Crossing borders on the dinghy…. What the hell are you talking about.   I hear ya…. We have travelled some pretty cool places and I have resisted posting history or in depth information about those islands as it seemed like I would just repeat Wikipedia. However.. St. Martin is a little different, it… Read more →

Rhonda’s New Pole

    Oh ya, just like everything else on our boat it couldn’t be a single use item so we mounted a wind generator to the top!   In all seriousness this was a project we waited a year before tackling. I had originally bought into the bullshit on a specific online forum that wind generators suck. There are hundreds… Read more →

Antigua in the Rearview!

  We don’t really have a rearview on Party of Five. We have something better. We have an elevated seat at the back of the cockpit where you can sit with your feet hanging over the transom and watch the world slowly fade into the horizon. It was with mixed emotions that I sat there and watched Antigua disappear. We… Read more →