Month: December 2016

Bad Stuff Does Happen!

Party of Five – Our Sailing Adventure   In our time out here we have been witnesses to a few bad moments. Broken moorings, dragging anchors and reef encounters. Yes cruising has its dangers. HOWEVER in the 10 months we have been out here we have only heard of a handful of incidents (at the most). I would like you… Read more →

Off to Dominica!

  With Sainte Anne behind us, we rounded the bottom of Martinique and passed Grand Anse (one of our favorite locations on the way down). This is about where Rhonda and I started discussing our next stop. Would we stop in Saint Pierre, or would we suck it up and jump across to Dominica. Saint Pierre had a difficult anchorage…… Read more →


  Martinique.. Oh how I love Martinique. Its funny, some cruisers love the French islands and some cruisers hate the French islands. Our family, is in love with them. In Rhonda’s words, “This is one of the only places I’m really sad to leave!”, but leave we did (I’m writing this in Portsmouth, Dominica).   Right after setting the hook,… Read more →