Month: October 2016

Do you want to live the dream?

So.. Have you been reading along our blog and thought: “I could do that” “Man that sounds awesome” “I would like to live in paradise” “Wow they are lucky”   If you answered yes, then you may want to pay attention. I know of an opportunity where someone is going to get to live our same lifestyle without having to… Read more →

A Wet Bottom!

  That’s right… Party of Five has her bottom wet again!  Even though its only been a few hours, the family is ecstatic to be back on the water. I will spare you the paragraphs of how much it sucks to live on the hard. Trust me, its sucks a lot!. Super hot, no wind, dirty, a walk to the… Read more →

Life on the hard – AGAIN

  Well we are back on the hard again and SONOFABITCH is it hard to sleep now. I have heard other cruisers comment on how weird it is to have a stationary bed, but I thought it wouldn’t affect me. Damn, it sure does. I’m up multiple times in the night as my body keeps thinking something is wrong (no… Read more →