Itchy Feet


Alright.. It has been over 2 months since we checked into Grenada here in Prickly bay. Seriously, I can’ believe its been over 2 months. It seems like yesterday when we grabbed a ball and watch Last Tango round the corner and pull into the bay! Amazing how time flies when you are fixing your boat and drinking beer Winking smile.


So now that we have beat, bashed, tickled and finagled our boat back into shape we are now feeling the itch to cruise again! Which is really funny to me as we spent months just trying to get here and STOP. However, a strange thing has happened to us. I think we may have truly crossed into the realm of cruiser. Like true nomads, we feel the call of those distant places. The unknown, the adventure, the wind, the waves, the sea, all of it. I’m sure this will change once we are 3 hours in with 2 kids puking and the wind directly on our nose…. but for now WE NEED TO MOVE!


So the plan! Well in the next 3 to 7 days we plan to drop the mooring lines and head north to Carriacou (still part of Grenada). We will hang out in Carriacou (part of the Grenadines island chain) for an undetermined amount of time waiting for a good weather window. Once a window opens we will head…………… South East (surprise) down to Tobago. We have been told that we would be insane to come this far and not visit Tobago. Since we are insane, but don’t want others to know, we will head there to keep up appearances (wink wink).


After Tobago… Things get a little fuzzy.. We would really like to head to Trinidad, but who the heck knows. A perfect window might open to blow us back to Grenada… Who knows.. At that point, we will just “play it by ear” and see what happens. Eventually we will end up back here in Prickly before we work our way north during the next season… Stay tuned as the new cruising season is nearly upon us!


On another completely unrelated note… Season changes here in Grenada are REALLY obvious.. In the last 2 weeks, the sun has begun to set 15 degrees more south. Its jarring to watch the sunset an realize it has moved sooo much.. Not to mention that I was actually cold last night and had to cuddle my wife.


So….. While waiting for cool pictures of our upcoming passage, I hope you enjoy so shots of our time in Grenada!


IMG_3217 IMG_3227 IMG_3230 IMG_3231IMG_3249 IMG_3356 IMG_3382 IMG_3390IMG_3408 IMG_3414 IMG_3417 IMG_3422IMG_3453 IMG_3465 IMG_3492 IMG_3542IMG_3556 IMG_3565 IMG_3586 IMG_3591IMG_3604 IMG_3633 IMG_3688


P.S. I have to comment on the saildrive picture… I had TONS of people tell me not to bother with the rubber gasket on the bottom of my boat. They said no adhesive would keep it there more than a few months… HAHAH beotches…. 8 months in and BOTH are still attached with ZERO signs of letting go. Our secret, SIKA 291 and pressure while it cured.

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