Month: October 2016

Paradise and a Piss Off!

  When I last wrote, we were picking coconuts on the island paradise of Petit Saint Vincent.  A ton has happened since then and we have found another paradise.   The night before our planned departure, Grateful caught up with us and we had an impromtu mini-party on their boat. Even though we were tired the next morning, we departed… Read more →

Failed Starter–Oh No!

  F’n Boats… Its sometimes my daily mantra.   Yesterday our plans of heading over to Petit Martinique were quickly derailed as I went to start my starboard motor and was greeted by silence. I let the key go and tried again, no go!. Damn, damn damn. I headed down stairs and began dismantling the aft berth so I could… Read more →


  Well Its official.. We are CRUISING AGAIN!!! YEE HAW!   3 days ago we dropped the mooring lines in Prickly bay and motored out to the front of the bay. Before heading into the “big” ocean we raised our sails at the mouth of the bay and then tacked off west towards the south west corner of Grenada. It… Read more →

Itchy Feet

  Alright.. It has been over 2 months since we checked into Grenada here in Prickly bay. Seriously, I can’ believe its been over 2 months. It seems like yesterday when we grabbed a ball and watch Last Tango round the corner and pull into the bay! Amazing how time flies when you are fixing your boat and drinking beer… Read more →