Storm Prep!


Unfortunately after my post yesterday, the forecast has been continually deteriorating for Grenada. Like I said yesterday, this doesn’t mean a hurricane is coming, but it means we will see a “Tropical Wave or Tropical Storm”. However at this time of year (this is the most dangerous part of hurricane season), these type of systems can rapidly intensify and become a hurricane in a very short time. So since the current forecast models are now putting the “eye” going right over Grenada we are concerned and cautious.


We think that being on the hard is probably one of the safest avenues. Grenada was devastated by hurricane Ivan in 2004 and learned a bunch of lessons from that disaster. The biggest being that ANY boat sitting on the hard needs to be  tied down and have ALL excess canvas or windage removed. The main damage done during Ivan was boats falling over like dominoes and crashing into one another. By strapping them down and removing the excess windage, the odds of that happening are extremely low.


So we are fairly certain the boat will be fine. However, we are most worried about the damage to the infrastructure and loosing access to services. Even fairly benign storms can cause major disruptions in services (power, water, transit, ect). A relatively weak wave that hit Martinique earlier this year caused a loss of power for 2 weeks on the island. So we have been busily preparing for that today. Here is a list of some of the things we have done in preparation.


1. Fired up the watermaker and will make as much water as the tanks will hold.

2. Pulled out every extra bottle and container and have filled them all with water.

3. Filled all our fuel carrying containers with gasoline.

4. Removed or tied down any and all loose items on deck.

5. General cleanup and organization in preparation for storing all outdoor fabrics and cushions.

6. Sent out the spare propane tank to be refilled.

7. Going to the bank to draw out some cash

8. Rhonda went to the grocery stores to top up our provisions.


Tomorrow we get hauled out at 7:00am. Once that is done, then we wait. Wish us luck!





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