Another Ramble


SUMBITCHHOT! That’s seems to the be the most accurate way I can describe the last week. It was either hot, or it was hot and raining. Then it was like being hot and wrapped in a hot wet wool blanket. September is indeed the hottest month down here! Every day it climbs to about +36c with %70 humidity. On the up side, the sea water is like bathwater (pretty sure the sea temp is over +30c now).


On another note, we continue to blow through boat jobs. In fact, I have started working on cosmetic jobs as I’m almost out of other jobs. Yay progress. However, we took our main sail in to get restitched at the local sail maker, only to be quoted a ridiculous number. Somehow they thought it would take 18 hours to restitch our main and repair a couple of rips in the batton pockets. Holy Sneike I could almost build a whole new sail in my cockpit with 18 hours of time. So… Now Rhonda and I had to get the 100lb sail back from the sailmaker and take it to a second company to get a second opinion. Let me tell you, moving a 100lb sail 10 blocks in +36 heat is no easy feat. For the first time in our cruise I actually got overheated and had to admit the heat got the best of me. Usually, I don’t even notice the heat anymore! Oh well the sail is at the new sailmaker and we are waiting for a quote, expected Monday (I’m expecting 1/2 the original quote, but we will see).


Fishing… Yup, Quincy and I decided to do some hand fishing off the back of the boat after Rhonda noticed some “bigger” fish eating our scraps. Imagine my surprise when I pulled  15 inch grunt out on the second cast. Let me tell you, fishing is completely different when you can actually see the fish hit your line (and 10 others waiting in line). So with big grunts hiding under our boat we quickly deployed a second line and went about getting us some dinner. We quickly realized these fish were much smatter than Bahamas fish. If they could see any part of the hook (through the bait) they wouldn’t bite and would just circle. They were also really picky about bait and preferred cheddar cheese or toasted bread.  In the end I caught 9 fish and Quincy caught 2. We threw 2 needle fish back and 1 small grunt. 7 decent size (think river trout size) fish for dinner. They were fantastic. Looks like we are adding fish to our weekly meal rotation!


Now for something a little different. The following pictures will be taken immediately after I write this. We won’t change, move or clean up anything! Just some raw pictures after a a hot ass Friday of boat work and boat living. Enjoy, I hope it gives you a candid glimpse into our life (I’m sure I will love looking at them in a few years).


NOTE – OK after looking at the pictures.. Our boat isn’t usually this messy. We usually clean up after the jobs, but today I was TOOOOOOOOO hot, so it’s a bit of a pit!


Daph has had multiple LATE nights (12:00am last night) and decided a nap in her fort was in order.



It may look hot, but the front cabins have big hatches overhead that we call “air conditioning” (sometimes Rhonda and I will lay in there to cool off). It was very pleasant in her cabin.



Just about dinner so Rhonda is digging into the freezer. The table is a mess from sewing and electrical projects I have going on. The computer with the beers beside it I just left to take these pics! Notice the epoxy container to the right of the photo. You can never have enough epoxy on a boat!



Tonight Rhonda has to work around a boat projects. Notice the clamps on the counter. A small spot of stainless began to delaminate so I fixed it before it became a bigger problem (why the epoxy is out in the last pic). Notice the blue tape near the speaker. This is the kids chore tally, they make marks for chores completed and we pay them in EC. In the front of the picture, notice the coffee press (Aeropress) being used to filter coconut water (we found a mess of coconuts on the ground from a squall last night).



We really have no idea where Jonah sleeps on that bed. Its his space, so he can keep his toys on his bed if he wants!



Since the epoxy was out, I decided to repair some spots. You can see the glass bubbles, grinder and acetone on the table. I filled a bunch of spots and will be doing some gel coat tomorrow. In a couple of days  I will probably spend 2 hours looking for those vise grips. Winking smile



On deck looking aft. I was working on a stripped bolt at the mast today. Pretty sure I will leave those tools out in the rain and then swear like a pirate after finding them tomorrow! Notice the new solar panel on the tramps. I repaired the failed panel from a previous post and now we can connect it when at anchor or put it down below when we are under way!



Looking forward. Yup our bed is out on the trampolines as stupid me washed the deck without closing the portlights. YAY wet mattress AGAIN (we actually slept in Daphs room last night because of this).  I have had to learn that lesson about 10 times!



Another shot of the cockpit. Notice the empty 20lb propane tank. Turns our baking bread, buns and treats really burns up the propane. It costs $75EC (remember cut in half for Canadian) to fill a bottle. That one lasted 3 1/2 weeks after we started baking (without baking we get 2 months).



I have swung back around and am taking another picture in the cabin. Looks like Rhonda forgot something in the freezer (or she is getting a beer).



My view outside looking aft. Its not this dark, but the camera was swamped by the sun behind us. However its about 5:00pm and our solar production has ended for today. We produce power from about 9:00am till about 5:00pm. We are now pulling more power than we are making. We are running completely on batteries until the morning!


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