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I have a few posts queued up but not quite complete. So I thought I would just write a random post with some ramblings on what we have been doing!


FIRST….. SEAFROG is here… I’m sure the readers will remember Sea Frog as we “buddy boated” literally 3/4 of the thorny path with them. Back in Culebra we parted ways as Sea Frog wanted to cruise the BVIs (with Smitty) but Party of Five decided to run to a safer location (Grenada). Exactly 30 days after we arrived in Grenada, I took a picture of Sea Frog rounding the corner and SAILING into the bay (well motor sailing)! They are now moored one boat over and Kendra kicked my ass at Dominos the other night (the dirtbag)!


Our 2 buddy boats (Avanti and Grateful) here in Prickly headed off on an adventure. They are bound for Carricou and the BIG hash (don’t worry I will do a whole post about hashing, no its not what you think). After Carricou and the hash they will head down to Tobago (yes Trinidad and Tobago) before swinging back up here for the remainder of hurricane season! I’m a little worried about Cheryl as we have been told it can be 2-4 deg C hotter in Trinidad. She was already struggling to adjust to the heat here and had a couple of HOT days. I’m sure she will be fine as long as she doesn’t try lugging 50lbs of groceries 10 blocks!


As to us.. We have been working on the boat, swimming and socializing. We continue to knock BIG items off our list and are rapidly running out of jobs that can be done in the water. Today we pulled the main sail off the boat and took it in to the sail maker (it badly needs re-stitching). I’m going to have to stop dragging my feet very soon and actually book a date to get the boat hauled. I guess I’m going to have to decide on a yard to actually haul out in! You see, there are few yards here in Grenada but 2 major ones with access to services and good chandleries. One is cheaper, and one is more convenient.  Not sure which one I will choose!


The kids are doing great.. However Jonah is still struggling with health issues. Although we knocked out his ear infections he has now developed impetigo and is AGAIN banned from the water. Since we are pretty sure the bacteria is seaborne we aren’t really worried about MRSA and started treating it with topical antibiotics. Unfortunately it seems to be spreading and we are stepping up our game to Amoxicillin. He just started today but we are pretty sure we will see a big recovery in 2 – 3 days (hours later it already looks better)! If not, off to the Dr.


On the upside, I bought a “Solar Shower” so now we have hot water to wash dishes with. Yes really, we have been washing dishes with cold water up until now (not so fun). I can also here my Canadian friends saying “How hot can a solar shower get? No way its hot enough for dishes.”. Well let me tell you, 3 hours in the sun and the water is uncomfortably hot. MORE than hot enough to wash dishes with, and frankly too hot to shower with. About 1 1/2 hours in the sun is good enough to get nice “warm” water.


In the “off” hours we have been partaking in the endless number of social activities here in Grenada. Here is a quick rundown of SOME of the activities we do/could take part in.

Monday – 1/2 priced pizza night at Prickly Bay Marina Bar

Tuesday – Trivia night at Prickly Bay Marina Bar (3 beer for $12EC)

Wednesday – Dominoes at 2pm, Bingo at 8pm at Prickly Bay Marina Bar (SUPER POPULAR… and we could win a live pig or goat)

Thursday – Movie night at Secret Cove Marina

Friday – Container park food fest, then steel pan band, followed by regular band

Saturday – Kids club over at Secret Cove marina (9-12am)

Sunday – Dominoes at 2pm (this is the big game), Movie night (7pm) at Prickly Bay Marina Bar


This is just a small taste of the things happening each day (Saturday is also hash day). If we went to every social activity we would not only be broke, but we would have no time to fix anything on the boat. As very social people, it can be a struggle deciding what to go to. Our budget pretty much dictates what we can go to!


Alright I have ran out of things to say, soooooo enjoy some pics!



















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