Month: September 2016

Storm Prep!

  Unfortunately after my post yesterday, the forecast has been continually deteriorating for Grenada. Like I said yesterday, this doesn’t mean a hurricane is coming, but it means we will see a “Tropical Wave or Tropical Storm”. However at this time of year (this is the most dangerous part of hurricane season), these type of systems can rapidly intensify and… Read more →

Storm storm go away!

  In the past, I haven’t written a lot about weather (other than a lightening strike), so now is the time. Disclaimer first, I’m going to keep this as simple as I can to avoid boring you. I consult way more resources than what I have listed here.   When you live on a boat, one of your daily jobs… Read more →

Another Ramble

  SUMBITCHHOT! That’s seems to the be the most accurate way I can describe the last week. It was either hot, or it was hot and raining. Then it was like being hot and wrapped in a hot wet wool blanket. September is indeed the hottest month down here! Every day it climbs to about +36c with %70 humidity. On… Read more →

Daph – Public Speaking

So Daphnie and Quincy attended a public speaking class. The final assignment was to do and introduction and then tell 3 jokes in front of a crowd. Unfortunately we lost the video of Quincy (camera problems), but here is Daph’s entry.  Just an FYI, she volunteered to go first, this was in front of 25-30 adults, but she went before… Read more →

Random Monday Post

  I have a few posts queued up but not quite complete. So I thought I would just write a random post with some ramblings on what we have been doing!   FIRST….. SEAFROG is here… I’m sure the readers will remember Sea Frog as we “buddy boated” literally 3/4 of the thorny path with them. Back in Culebra we… Read more →