Yup its official, we can no longer deny it, we have roaches. Pretty sure its a very new infestation as we have only seen 8 or so and most have been very small and contained to our head. However we have found 1 mature roach and verified that it is indeed a German roach.. DAMN.. Our best guess is that we got them from the dock in Case Pilote, but we aren’t %100 sure. Being new cruisers, we haven’t got our routine down for groceries and could have brought it aboard that way.


So now we know that we actually have them what is our plan? Well, after we found the first 2, we went thermo-nuclear on them. We went crazy with roach spray and used 4 or 5 cans, spraying it in every hold, cabinet and hole in our boat. After that we mixed up some boric acid bait and placed it all over the boat. We sat back, smugly thinking we had beat the problem, before it became a problem. Sigh, but its never that easy on a boat. Its been about 2 weeks since we dropped the bomb and are still finding them and the numbers seem to be increasing. Yesterday we found 2 young ones in the head again. Double damn….


So now we need to step up our game. Being completely devoid of knowledge in this area and already beaten once, I asked my other cruising friends who have dealt with this issue. It was almost a universal answer, “Get your hands on some Advion”. Since I have never heard of Advion, I quickly jumped on the net and began researching it. 5 minutes later, I was sure I NEEDED to find some. Any product that gets 4.5 star ratings (1000s of reviewers) on Amazon has to work. Plus its super easy to use and does not fill the air with potentially harmful chemicals. Its comes in a small syringe and you simply put small blobs of it in the places where the roaches frequent. Within 2 weeks, everyone claims that the problem is solved.


Oh, so I just hop on Amazon and order some up, right…. Sigh again, life on a boat is not that easy. Of course Amazon will not deliver Advion to Grenada. So I started researching other methods of obtaining some. First I spent a day asking locals and other cruisers if they have heard of it and where I might find some. Most said I wouldn’t find Advion but I may be able to find its competitor called Control at Ace Hardware. So off to Ace I went (about a 20 minute walk). I arrived hot and sweaty after walking in the +33 raining heat (yes it was raining but still +33). I quickly found an Ace employee and described what I was looking for. She nodded and began walking off to hidden corner of the store. If dutifully followed the employee with my teeth chattering (they had the AC on full blast and I was now we). I was elated thinking that I would finally have a solution in hand. My heart sank when we got to the shelf and it was empty. Unfortunately, the locals had discovered how well the product works and bought out all of it.. Damn Damn Damn. After this, I then checked the other hardware stores on the island still holding out some hope. Unfortunately no, it appears all the good stuff has been bought up.


So facing no other options but having Amazon ship to a friend in the USA and then forward it down here, we decided to throw a hail mary. We put out a request on the Grenada Cruisers Facebook page and another cruiser came to our rescue. Karen off of the boat Lyric had some Advion aboard and we could have some if we liked. She even organized to have it sent over from St. Georges anchorage to us in Prickly Bay. At no cost to us. Seriously, how fantastic is that.


Now we need to apply it and wait! If my research is correct, we will soon know how bad the infestation really was as most of the roaches will come out of hiding to die. We should wake up to a floor covered in roach carcasses!. Isn’t living on a boat glamorous?



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