Month: August 2016

Grenada–Day One!

  Anyone who is friends with me on Facebook will know this post is coming. I had asked for suggestions on what people wanted to see. Unfortunately I realized I couldn’t fit everything into one post so some of you will have to wait for subsequent posts. Hopefully you won’t find this post too boring.    The first thing I… Read more →


Yup its official, we can no longer deny it, we have roaches. Pretty sure its a very new infestation as we have only seen 8 or so and most have been very small and contained to our head. However we have found 1 mature roach and verified that it is indeed a German roach.. DAMN.. Our best guess is that… Read more →

Broken Car

Our Dinghy is like our car. Worse, without our dinghy we can’t even walk somewhere as we are trapped on our boat. Without a proper running dinghy our quality of life quickly drops and life becomes super frusterating. So you can imagine how frusterated I got when our dinghy started acting up. Then shortly after our dinghy started acting up,… Read more →

Sometimes Saildrives Suck!

  Wednesday morning arrived and we motored across from Anse Mitan to Case Pilote. I had planned to throw up some sail, but the line of squalls coming over Martinique prevented me (I was just lazy). No matter we were still make 6-6.5 knots under a single motor with no canvas. Its amazing how much faster trips are when the… Read more →