Month: July 2016

Grenada Bound….. NOT!

  Mike, Gigi (Last Tango), myself and Rhonda discussed our departure from turtle cove and all agreed that an early start would be good. This would give us a chance to motor east in somewhat “settled” seas before turning south. The theory was it would give us a much better angle to the wind and may allow us to sail… Read more →

Culebra and Saint Thomas!

  Damn I have been lazy at writing posts lately. I’m phoning this one in from Guadeloupe (I should have wrote it sooner as I’m getting older and my memory isn’t as good)!   I will start this post with our time in Culebra. We spent about 4 days in Culebra and it was fantastic. I was immediately at home… Read more →

Romance…. or not?

  Lightening strikes aside, our life is fantastic, right? I get comments and e-mails daily saying how jealous people are of our life. Beautiful beaches, exotic places, great food, culture, ect… Well, yes, sometimes… Here is the real truth, its not all beaches, coconuts and rum drinks. Especially for 2 bread belt morons that drug 3 kids with them!  … Read more →

Salinas to Culebra

We made it.. We are finally here. The Virgin Islands! The cruising and boating mecca of the world.   Our original plan of small jumps each day needed to change due to weather. The weather this year has been really tough on east bound travel and this latest passage was no exception. To do the small jump plan, we would… Read more →