Month: June 2016

Luperon to Samana!

Well… We completed another big passage for Party of Five. You see there is much debate about the best route to take from Florida to the Caribbean. Many believe the north cost of Dominican Republic should NOT be included in that route. Since the north coast of DR is completely exposed to the Atlantic ocean, there is 3200 miles of… Read more →

Luperon – Pictures

So I have had a couple of people ask to see some pictures of Luperon. Now I will preface these pictures by saying that this part of the Dominican Republic is definitely what my Canadian and American friends would call 3rd world. In fact, Dominican Republic is tied for the least developed place I have ever visited (tied with south… Read more →

Abandoned Yacht Club

A little bit of a different kind post again. Yesterday we went and visited the abandoned yacht club. It was a really neat experience, but quite sad. You got a sense of how amazing the place would have been in the heyday. Sad to see it in the condition it is now. However, the rumor is that it has a… Read more →