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So I have had a couple of people ask to see some pictures of Luperon. Now I will preface these pictures by saying that this part of the Dominican Republic is definitely what my Canadian and American friends would call 3rd world. In fact, Dominican Republic is tied for the least developed place I have ever visited (tied with south Cuba). I don’t say this as a bad thing, but it would be a shock to some people. However, the Dominican’s are the friendliest and happiest people I have encountered. Not only that, but I’m dumbfounded how they are so clean. Seriously, some of them live in dirt floor shacks, but wear shirts that are whiter than you can believe…


The view as you enter Luperon. There are unfinished buildings everywhere. This one barely got started before being abandoned.



Main Street into town. At least the Dominicans seem to have a better electrical code than most other 3rd world countries. Also notice the vehicles. Unlike Cuba they have close ties to USA and other trading partners so have MUCH nicer vehicles.



The local welding shop (scooter out front). Its a common sight to see them out on the sidewalk welding, grinding or cutting. I have never seen any safety gear other than a welding helmet. It was interesting to watch one guy using an Oxy-Acetylene torch with flip-flops.



The little yellow building is our favorite bar (Wendy’s). Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures inside. Its little more than a tin roofed shack furnished with patio furniture. However it has one of the best atmosphere’s that I have ever encountered. I will miss Wendy’s and the great people there.



A typical Luperon street with Gringo apartments on the left.



An old dog is kinda a new thing here. They have just recently began taking care of their dogs. They now offer free clinics with medicine for multiple problems every 3 months.



Someone’s house I found interesting.



A garden in the middle of town. Looking a little overgrown, but stuff grows so fast here its very hard to keep it from happening. According to wikipedia Dominican Republic is the second most fertile place in the world. People have told us that you don’t need to plant anything, just throw some seeds on the ground and anything will grow.



Someone cooked lunch in the middle of the sidewalk. The coals were still hot when I walked by.



I have tried to capture the beauty of the harbor multiple times but it just doesn’t come through in the camera. With the sun at the right angle, the mist in the hills, and a harbor full of masts…. It truly takes your breath away sometimes.


Smitty behind us. Sea Frog to the left (blue stripe)


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