Month: June 2016

The Rebuild

What do you do when your boat is struck by lightening? How do you recover? What items actually need replacing?   I have heard and been given so much advice, that I thought I would post our experience. Much of the advice or things I had read on the internet did not hold true in our case. I wanted to… Read more →


Another major blow for Party of Five. The kind of blow that would end many peoples cruising trips. A blow that is both terrifying and devastating in a time so short its almost immeasurable.  A blow that came from the sky and struck with the brightest light and loudest sound we have ever heard. That’s right we were struck by… Read more →

Samana and the Murderous Mona

  We really enjoyed our time in Samana, Dominican Republic, however we really didn’t like Samana itself. Samana is a typical tourist town full of touts, souvenir shops and gringo houses. Although I really didn’t like the city of Samana, it had good provisions at affordable prices. After spending some time in the city we were glad we opted for… Read more →


I thought I would do a quick post about our power production on the boat. As we live completely “off-grid” I thought some people might find it interesting how it works. In the 3 months we have been cruising we have only run our Honda 2000 generator 5 times to charge our batteries. So %95 of the time we generate… Read more →