Month: May 2016

Broke, no more!

Fantastic news… We were able to solve our motor problems… and without ordering any parts. So here is the story. Ever since repairing my gauges (somewhere around Marathon), the port side motor has had low oil pressure. The oil pressure was between 14-16PSI on flat ocean and would bounce down to 10 or so when we got into big seas.… Read more →

Our First Major Problem

Well… We have encountered our first major problem. We officially have a broken engine and may need to make MAJOR changes to our plans.   Its a long story but this engine has been having oil pressure problems since we started out. Although it had low oil pressure, it was still running fine and not rattling., so I choose to… Read more →

One night at Oscars

Party of Five – Our Sailing Adventure I need to start this story by backing up just over a year ago, before I was writing a blog about our adventure. Although it may seem longer (it sure does to us), we have only owned our boat for just over a year. It was last April that Donna, Daryl, Randy, Rhonda… Read more →

What I came looking for!

  Damn another update post that is going to be long. Unfortunately between home schooling, moving the boat and cruising lifesyle I’m not finding as much time as I would like to write blogs! I’m going to try and do better in the future.   So in my last blog were were anchored on the Bahamas bank waiting for the… Read more →