Month: April 2016

Walk Through Video

Many of you have been asking for it, so here it is.. Yup a walk through video of Party of Five. We are still fixing things, making changes and adding items, but here is how she looks to date.   Enjoy and don’t hesitate to post questions if you have them. Read more →

Passage to Dry Tortugas – Part 2

About an hour after setting the hook, the skipper (Michael) of the one other anchored boat (Dreamer) came over to introduce himself and offer some knowledge of the key. It turns out that just an hour before our arrival a Cuban chub (refugee boat) had arrived and the Coast Guard just finished picking up the refugees. They had set the… Read more →

Passage to Dry Tortugas – Part 1

Originally we planned to leave in the middle of the night (3:00am) and go straight to Dry Tortugas. However, Ken and Mary on our buddy boat (Moon River) suggested that we stop at Marqueses Key first, and then head to Dry Tortugas. Someone in the mooring field told them that it should not be missed. So, they came over to… Read more →