Month: March 2016

Living on the ball!

Its been 2 days now that we have been out in the mooring field. “What the hell is a mooring field?”, I hear you ask. A mooring field is a location where permanent anchoring attachments are connected to the sea floor. These attachments can be large concrete blocks, multiple traditional anchors, or giant screws that are set into the ocean… Read more →

Cruising Day 1

Today was officially our first day of cruising and it was fantastic…. However, we need to back the story up a couple of days.   You may be wondering when the family arrived. The entire family flew into Miami with my parents late on March 22nd. I picked Rhonda up and brought her back to the boat while the kids… Read more →

Follow up – Jobs done

I have had a few people ask me “So, what work did you actually do”.  There is no way I could list all the jobs I completed as there were literally 100s  (maybe over 1000) small jobs. As you can imagine, many of the big jobs were comprised of 5-10 smaller jobs. So, here is a list of the top… Read more →

Times Up!

That’s the thing about deadlines. No matter what you do, they get closer every second, hour, day, until they are finally upon you. As I write this it will be about 24 hours until my deadline has truly arrived. You see, in 24 hours I will hop in the Daewoo (that car owes me NOTHING) and drive to Miami to… Read more →

The Answer to Unlimited Water

Here is the answer to the previous post!       I found the previous post to be a really neat exercise.  The comments and picks from other people were very interesting to me. Especially since I gave the exact options (without telling her my opinion) to Rhonda and she picked the above in 30 seconds. Both of us thought… Read more →