Dates – No we’re not going to the movies

The post everyone has been waiting for. When are we actually leaving? Whats the plan?


Well, its official, Rhonda and I have both given our notice. In 2 weeks I will no longer be a contributing member of society. Rhonda has a little longer to go as she wanted to give the dayhome clients plenty of notice.


So the plan is, I will depart for Florida on February 1st and spend the next 6ish weeks working on a mountain of boat projects. Rhonda and the kids will remain back and continue emptying out the house and making final preparations. They will fly into Key West on March 22nd and IF I have all the jobs completed we will depart for “somewhere”. If not, we will probably be stuck in a boat yard for another month.


For the other boat owners out there.. My project list includes little things like – Replacing all the standing rigging, stripping, sanding, and painting the bottom, rebedding all stanchion bases, resealing all hatches.. You know, just little quick jobs.


For added fun factor, I will be driving to Key West. Google says its 48 hours of straight driving in a Daewoo (yes you read that right)! All part of the adventure!

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